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“ De arboribus gastrotica: the unashamed pleasures of barely dressed wood and wantonly tumbled food ”

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Our boards are very much pieces in flux. Our woods are not subjected to fast drying techniques, and inevitably this means that our pieces will change over time as they adapt to the temperature variations and moisture fluctuations in your home. We think that this adds charm and interest to our pieces and we anticipate no detriment to their performance and beauty. Expect some movement to surfaces and a degree of shape-shift as knots and burrs continue their seasoning process. Please note that although our boards are robust, they are not sold as chopping boards. All of our pieces wipe clean after use, ideally with damp kitchen paper, and are best left to air-dry. We advise the occasional application of some food safe oil on the surface of your board to enhance appearance and protect the integrity of the wood. Some foods, especially dark fruits like raspberries, ripe strawberries and cherries may leave surface marks on your board. After wiping and allowing your board to dry, a very light sanding and a little food safe oil will remove them.

We provide care-kits with all of our food safe pieces. This gives you some fine-grit sand paper, a sample of food safe oil with product details and a care information sheet.

For purchasers within 10 miles of NG8 we will re-sand and re-oil any Waney Grain Planches de Bois piece free of charge within one year of purchase, on site where facilities permit. All other services are by negotiation.

All Waney Grain Planches de Bois pieces can be personally delivered within 10 miles of NG8 free of charge. Other personal delivery options by negotiation. Please note that my decorative props are not included in the price!

For bespoke pieces we offer full consultation, installation and after care services.

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Waney Grain Planches de Bois

I am the Sales, Marketing and Ideas arm of Waney Grain Planches de Bois, living and breathing our ethos: de arborius gastrotica: the unashamed pleasures of barely dressed wood and wantonly tumbled food!

My husband Nick and I live in Nottingham. We have two very naughty cats, Piffle and Peony, and they complete our household. Our children are grown up and live all over the world.

Nick is a retired college vice principal and I work for the NHS as a medical PA.

We both enjoy great food and we love to entertain, so that really is the starting point for our craft. Nick has enjoyed turning wood for many years and has completed some great carpentry products, including a bed and some tables. I love food presentation, and I love to dress my table. I'm lucky enough to have a 6 foot solid oak dining table which gives me masses of scope, and if I can get my guests to oooooh and aaaaah when they walk in the room, then I'm a very happy bunny! We love to travel and see how other cultures present food, and I am an avid reader/watcher of food-related things. My passion is for rustic Mediterranean style dining where great food, delicious drink and inspiring conversation keeps people at the table long after the meal is finished.

A year or so ago we were on holiday and stumbled upon a wood yard. Nick went off searching for turning blanks to make into bowls, and I wandered off just enjoying the smell and sight of raw, vital and organic wood. In one dark, cobwebby barn I found a section of wood that took my breath away. It was random-formed, mottled, dusty and heavy but the patterns in the grain were simply joyous. I picked it up, lugged it over to Nick and the yard foreman and said I wanted to buy it. They both laughed. I pleaded a bit and implored unashamedly, and explained to Nick that I wanted it as an antipasti board. This was so far removed from anything he'd ever done before that he wasn't sure if he had either the know-how or equipment to do the work, but eventually he agree and the piece was mine.

There's nothing quite like learning on the job, and Nick is very much a get-stuck-in chap. So with the internet, advice from fellow woodies and plenty of encouragement from me, my stunning plinth emerged in all its glory. The little picture in the circle is my board!

Suffice to say that Nick became a convert and now fully 'gets' the idea of serving great food from wood. The delight on our houseguests' faces has been reward enough, but we've taken our plinths to craft fairs in the Nottingham area and been bowled over by the reception.

I now know that the piece that I fell in love with was a rip-cut waney edge slice with cat's paw burrs and peacock tail eye clusters! How simply beautiful. Our pieces range from £25 to £300 and we warmly welcome custom orders for larger projects.

I hope you love our pieces as much as I do.