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Block printing is one of the oldest printmaking techniques. There are many different methods – lino printing falls under the block printing category but wood and everyday objects like the potato can be used too. Block printing is a way of transferring an image or pattern to a surface, usually fabric or paper, by carving into a material, inking that block and then transferring the design.

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  • Unbe-leaf-able! – Original Plant-themed Handmade Lino print

    Unbe-leaf-able! – Original ...

    Stamped Cat Block Printing


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  • Midnight Highland Cow – Original Handmade Lino Print

    Midnight Highland Cow – Ori...

    Stamped Cat Block Printing


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  • Ruby Cat Amphora – A5 Original Handmade Reduction Lino Print

    Ruby Cat Amphora – A5 Origi...

    Stamped Cat Block Printing


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  • Hand Stamped Slow Stitching Pack

    Hand Stamped Slow Stitching...

    Holly Drive Designs


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  • Raven stonecut print

    Raven stonecut print

    Zealous Alchemy

    £40.00 £30.00 (25% off)

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  • Large Original Block Print Artwork with Paper Cut Waves and Moon

    Large Original Block Print ...

    foto art paper craft


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  • Seahorse foil print

    Seahorse foil print



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  • Silver Skullbunny Pullip Skull, Four Colour A4 Block Print, Signed Open Run

    Silver Skullbunny Pullip Sk...

    The Duck of Curiosity


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