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Everything you need to start selling your art and craft online.

When you open your Folksy account, you get:

An online store ready to fill up with your hand-crafted items, which you can personalise with your own banner or use one of our templates.

There’s more to Folksy than just a place to sell.

We’ve spent over a decade listening to makers and learning what they need from a marketplace.


You’ll become part of an incredible community of like-minded creative people, happy to answer questions, share triumphs and lift each other up. Make connections through our forum, private Facebook Group, Instagram page and our Folksy Local groups.

A UK platform specialising in craft

We are experts in craft and want to keep Folksy about handmade, so unlike other marketplaces we don’t allow any reselling or vintage. Half our team are also artists or makers and we believe this is one of the things that makes Folksy so special.

Tips and advice

Every new seller receives our Free 'Make It Sell' ecourse and access to our online Folksy Seller Handbook, packed with tips to help you make the most of your Folksy shop.

Trusted Suppliers Directory

We will soon be launching our directory of Trusted Suppliers. This list will offer our makers recommendeded companies to help their creative practices thrive, from materials suppliers to photographers and business coaches.

Your sales, your money

When you sell something on Folksy, the money goes immediately into your PayPal or Stripe account. We understand how important cashflow is when you run a small business that relies on buying materials and supplies.

SEO for your shop

Folksy is optimised for Google and other search engines. Our website is designed to maximise discoverability on search engines. We also run free Google Shopping Adverts for all applicable products on Folksy.

Get started today

It’s so easy to start selling on Folksy. It takes most makers just three minutes to set up a shop.

Start selling

Loved by makers.

We're really proud of Folksy and here’s what makers have to say about us:

    • Thanks for making it possible for people like me to sell online and be part of a lovely, supportive community.

      Jeweller Helen Duncan
      Silver Nutmeg
    • I always get a super quick response from a real person, and it has always been sooo helpful. My little business feels valued and supported. Thank you team Folksy.

      Printmaker Lara Harrison
      Find Me In The Hedgerow
    • I love the ethos of Folksy and their values. It feels like a real family spirit. I like the fact there’s no unethical cheap imported products sold here. It’s handcrafted work by local artists and makers. It’s about supporting local and small businesses.

      Artist Adrienne Honeyman
      Ebby & Flo

Fair, transparent pricing.

We keep our fees simple and affordable to help makers get their craft out into the world.

18p per item


Just getting started? Our Basic plan lets you try things out.

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  • 3 free listings
  • 6% plus VAT commission
  • Free 'Make It Sell' ecourse

£7.50 / mo


Hassle free & easy, our Folksy Plus plan lets you focus on making.

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  • Unlimited free listings
  • 6% plus VAT commission
  • Royal Mail Click & Drop™️
  • Free Etsy import service
  • Free events & workshops
  • Free 'Make It Sell' ecourse
  • Exclusive Trusted Supplier discounts
  • 5 extra photos per listing

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, ask our friendly Folksy support team.

    • How does Folksy work?

      Folksy is an online marketplace where you can have your own shop and list your items for sale. When you sell something, you receive a notification and the payment for that order goes directly into either your Paypal or Stripe account. You then send the order to your customer.

    • What can I sell on Folksy?

      You can sell items you have made yourself or designed yourself, and you can sell craft supplies that other people can use in their creations. There are a few exceptions which are detailed here:

      If you’re unsure if your work will be suitable for Folksy, email our Support Team at with details of what you want to sell and we’ll let you know.

    • Is my work good enough?

      We believe craft is beneficial for our health and well-being and want to encourage as many people to make and create as possible. That’s why we ‘do’ Folksy and why we choose not to have any gatekeepers deciding whether your work is “good enough”. On Folksy, pieces made at a kitchen table sit next to pieces hand-crafted by professional artisans in their studio - and we love it that way. So yes, if your work is made by you within the UK, it is absolutely good enough!

    • Do I need to have a Plus account to sell on Folksy?

      No, you have a choice of Plus or Basic.

    • How much does it cost to sell on Folksy?

      How much it costs will depend on which plan you choose.

      For Plus users, you pay either £7.50 a month or £75 a year. With a Plus account you can list as many items as you like in your shop for free. When you sell an item, you pay 6% commission on the item cost + VAT (totalling 7.2%).

      For Basic users, you pay 18p for every item you list in your shop. When you sell an item, you then also pay 6% commission on the item cost + VAT (totalling 7.2%).

      For example: You sell an item priced at £10 + £2.50 postage. Our commission is 6% +VAT so on that sale our commission would be 6% of £10 (£0.60) plus the VAT on our fee (£0.60 x 20% = £0.12). Therefore we would charge you £0.72 commission on that sale.

      We do not charge commission on postage.

      Read more:

    • What is a listing?

      A listing is an item for sale in your shop.

    • Is Folksy cheaper than Etsy?

      Selling on Folksy usually works out cheaper than selling on Etsy, but exactly how much cheaper will depend on which plan you choose and how many items you list and sell.

    • Will I have to stay on the plan I choose?

      No, you can easily switch between the account types at any time from your Plus account page.

    • I’m not based in the UK. Can I still sell on Folksy?

      Folksy is only for sellers based in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

    • Can I sell internationally?

      Although Folksy is only for UK sellers, customers can be from anywhere. It is up to each seller whether they accept orders from the UK only or also internationally.

    • Can I import my listings from Etsy?

      If you already have an Etsy shop, you can use our free Etsy Import Service to get your Folksy shop up and running quickly and easily. This imports all your Etsy listings into your Folksy shop as drafts. You will need a Folksy Plus account to take advantage of this service, and it can take up to a week for us to complete.

    • Who will see my products and how do you promote your sellers?

      Around 200,000 visitors come to Folksy every month, we have a mailing list of more than 50,000 craft buyers and a combined following of 440k on social media. We are also actively involved in promoting and supporting UK craft through partnerships and campaigns.

      Customers find products on Folksy via our ‘Search’ facility, departments and featured sections. Your products may also appear in curated features such as our Folksy Favourites and Gift Guides, in our social media posts and in our email marketing campaigns. We also run free Google Shopping Adverts for all products on Folksy that meet Google’s criteria, and we regularly social media adverts aimed at customers.

      We have secured lots of great press coverage for Folksy sellers too. See some of the magazines, blogs and newspapers we have been featured in here:

      Learn how to be featured on Folksy

    • Do I need insurance before selling my work?

      Product liability insurance insures sellers against any damage caused by their products. Having this cover is not mandatory for selling on Folksy, but public liability insurance is often required for selling at craft fairs. Some sellers also find that product liability insurance can provide peace of mind should any problems arise.

      Folksy Plus sellers can get 10% off specialist craft insurance provided by Craft Cover.

    • Do I need a Paypal account to sell on Folksy?

      Yes, you do. Read more:

    • Do I need a Stripe account

      No. However, you have the option of adding it as an additional payment method. Enabling Stripe allows customers to pay with all major credit and debit cards. Around a third of orders on Folksy go through Stripe and it is particularly useful for customers who experience problems paying with Paypal.