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Folksy Standard Account

Basic account


Pay as you go


  • £0.15 + VAT per item listed
  • 6% + VAT sales commission
Suitable for

Sellers who have a low amount of stock or don't list frequently.

Folksy Plus Account

Folksy Plus


Enhanced membership

Best Value

Suitable for

Sellers who list frequently or stock a large number of items.

Subscription options:

Benefits of selling on Folksy.

Handmade & craft focus
We focus on work by designers and makers. Re-selling is only allowed in craft supplies
No start-up fee
There are no hidden administration or start-up fees
Get found
Folksy is optimised for search and regularly ranks highly for key search terms
Friendly and helpful
You have access to a dedicated, friendly support team (and a comprehensive knowledge base)
The Folksy blog regularly features designers and our weekly gift guide goes out to over 50,000 buyers
Your brand
Personalise your shop page
Secure payment
We use Paypal and secure servers to manage all payment and personal data
Get your very own Folksy Shop URL
Analyse your traffic using Google Analytics integration
Fully Stocked
List as much or as little as you like

Questions & Answers.

What is Folksy?

Folksy was created with the aim of showcasing the work of UK designers and makers. Launched in 2008, we've grown to become the most popular UK site for handmade gifts and supplies.

What can I sell on Folksy?

Folksy is all about handmade and craft supplies. No vintage. Take a moment to read our helpful article on what you are allowed to sell on Folksy.

How much does it cost to sell on Folksy?

It costs just £0.15 for each item in a listing (excluding VAT) and each listing lasts for 120 days (4 months approximately). Unless you sign up for the Folksy Plus account then you can enjoy unlimited free listings. Then, when you make a sale we'll charge a 6% commission. Read more about the Folksy Fees.

I'm not from the UK but I want to join Folksy. Is this OK?

No, sorry. Folksy currently only supports sellers who are living and working in the UK. We had strong feedback that this is what our buyers and sellers wanted. We’re pleased to support UK crafters and showcase the best of British handmade goods.

Can I sell craft supplies?

Yes! You can sell handmade or commercial craft supplies. Supplies are part of our category system so you list them in the same way as other items.

How do I get paid?

You'll need a PayPal account so that buyers can pay you (and so you can pay Folksy your fees). Read our guide on setting up a PayPal account.

How will I know if I've sold something?

You will be e-mailed automatically by Folksy to confirm an order has been placed. This will tell you the buyer’s details and the details of the item they have ordered. You should also receive an email from PayPal to state that the item has been paid for. Read more about order emails.

This all sounds great. But I've got plenty more questions.

And we've got plenty more answers. Read them on the Folksy Knowledgebase, take a look at the Folksy blog or contact us via the helpdesk.

Offers and Promotions.

Fred Aldous

Fred Aldous

We like Fred. It's one of the oldest arts and crafts stores in the UK and yet also a brilliant example of modern, helpful retail. We've teamed up with Fred Aldous to offer Folksy sellers 25% off your first order and then 10% off all future orders with them (so long as you have a Folksy shop).

Moo x Folksy cards

30% off custom Folksy x MOO cards!

We've teamed up with to create a collection of MOO x Folksy customisable business cards, flyers and postcards – the perfect way to showcase your products! They’re printed on premium paper, so they’re sure to stand out, and you can upload a different image on to every card.

Moo cards

15% off for Folksy sellers new to MOO!

If you're new to MOO and have you eye on another MOO product, you can use this offer to get 15% off MOO's collection of premium products - that's 15% off business cards, flyers and postcards so you can merchandise, promote and communicate in style.

Sum Up

Sum Up

Transform your smartphone into a card terminal you can take to craft fairs! We've teamed up with SumUp to offer Folksy sellers a £20 discount on SumUp PIN+ card readers. To get your card reader for the special price of £39 (+VAT) instead of £59 (+VAT) head over to our offer page and enter the discount code folksy20 when prompted.

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  • Selvedge Magazine
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  • Homes and Gardens Magazine
  • The Guardian
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