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  1. 1


    sharon coey

    • Memorial Grave Marker Grave Stone Headstone Flat Headstone Open Book Bible
    • Flat Memorial Stone Memorial Grave Marker Flat Cemetery Headstone Grave Plaque
    • Engraved Black Granite Memorial Plaque Flat Grave Stone Grass Marker Headstone
    • FLAT GRAVE STONE Headstone Granite Cemetery Headstone Personalised Grave Plaque
    • Flat gravestone Granite Cemetery Headstone Personalised Grave Plaque stone
  2. 2


    Aimey Puhl

    • Ginger Party Cat Art Doll
    • Pink Fairy Kitty
    • Bubblegum Fairy Kitty Pink
    • Bubblegum Fairy Kitty Blue
    • Rainbow Fairy Kitty Blue
  3. 3

    Hidden Corners

    Hidden Corners

    • Bill the Gargoyle Stone Garden Ornament
    • Johnie the Dozy Goblin Stone Garden Ornament
    • Bert the Gargoyle Stone Garden Ornament
    • James the Peeking Dragon Stone Garden Ornament
    • Jake the Gate Keeper Stone Garden Ornament
  4. 4

    Lou c fused glass

    Lou coultas

    • Small fused glass splash dish in shades of blue
    • Dandelion - fused glass mirror backed small picture
    • Fused glass floral art - free standing
    • Fused glass floral free standing glass art
    •  Bespoke Fused glass lighthouse - glass hanging decoration
  5. 5
    • 'Happy Birthday Train' - Handmade Blank Card
    •  Handmade Blank Birthday Card
    • 'With Love on your Birthday' Smiling Cat 2 - Handmade Hanging Decoration
    • 'With Love on your Birthday' Smiling Cat 1 - Handmade Hanging Decoration
    • 'Cat with a Heart' - Handmade Bookmark
  6. 6
    • Orthoceras Framed Fossil. Actual Orthoceras Fossil 3D Framed Fossil Picture.
    • Pretty Polished Ammonite Specimen For Collectable or Jewellery Designer.
    • Gemstone Beautiful Bundle! Mixed Gemstone Beads for Jewellery or Craft Designers
    • Large Reel of Upholstery Piping for Various Crafts and Projects.
    • Purple Agate Geode Slice Gemstone Handbag Charm for Purple Lovers.
  7. 7

    Hem: Handwoven

    Nell Swift

    • Staithes Stripe Handwoven Lambswool Scarf
    • Staithes Colour Chart Handwoven Cotton Wrap
    • Fox House Handwoven Lambswool Scarf
    • Handwoven Lambswool Whitby Blanket Throw
    • Handwoven Lambswool Whitby Harbour Blanket Throw
  8. 8

    Isobel Anderson

    Isobel Anderson

    • Poppy cushion cover (sample sale)
    • Ribbon stripe cushion cover (Sample Sale)
    • Ribbon stripe cushion cover (Sample Sale)
    • Triple Stripe cushion cover (sample sale)
    • Periwinkle cushion cover (sample sale)
  9. 9
    • Men's 51 Grams Heavy Solid Sterling 925 Silver, Torque, Bangle, Bracelet,
    • Men's 51 Grams Heavy Solid 925 Sterling Silver Ball Torque, Bangle, Bracelet,
    • Mens 67 Grams Heavy "Matt Look" Solid Sterling Silver, Bangle, Bracelet, Torque
    • Mens 48 Gram, "Hammered Matt Look" Sterling Silver Mens Torque, Bangle, Bracelet
    • Men's 44 Grams "Matt Look"  Solid 925 Silver, Men's Bangle, Bracelet, Torque,
  10. 10

    Joanna Wakefield Jewellery

    Joanna Wakefield

    • Spirit earrings, circle studs, silver circle earrings
    • Silver button drop earrings, stitched buttons, silver earrings
    • Silver button brooch, stitched button, brooch pin
    • Measure necklace, hand engraved, silver necklace, seamstress
    • Cotton reel and Measure earrings, sewing earrings, silver earrings
  11. 11
    • Slate Blue Tit
    • Long Tailed Tit
    • Slate Herdwick Lying Lamb
    • Slate Highland Cow
    • Slate Little Owl
  12. 12

    The Fibre Faery

    Debs Turner (Craftycatknittybits)

    • Mini Faery fluff fibre batt 50g Jewel frost
    • Mini Faery fluff fibre batt Woodland elves 50g
    • Mini Faery fluff fibre batt Elbereth 50g
    • Faery fluff spinning felting fibre pack 65g Moonglade
    • Faery fluff spinning felting fibre pack 65g Pixie Pink
  13. 13
    • Knitting pattern for baby all in one.Baby sleep suit pattern. Romper
    • Knitting pattern for  Maeve vintage style baby coat & bonnet
    • Knitting Pattern for baby toddler cardigan Pattern Sarah Jane, Baby cardigan
    • Knitting Pattern for Shannon Baby Romper, All in One, Sleep suit, Onesie
    • Emer knitting pattern. Baby cardigans
  14. 14


    Debby Coatham (Bear &Textile Artist)

    • Luxury alpaca mohair hand embroidered artist bear. Collectable teddy bear
    • Wool felt scandi style hand embroidered teddy bear, keepsake gift, birthday gift
    • Embroidered alpaca artist bear, one of a kind collectable heirloom teddy bear
    • Luxury hand embroidered dressed artist bear, Unique handmade collectable teddy
    • Hand embroidered gifts, wool felt teddy bear,scandi style hand embroidery bear.
  15. 15

    Seven Hands

    Sarah Seven

    • Upcycled hare and moon embroidery.
    • Up-cycled Fox plaid key ring or bag charm.
    • Up-cycled embroidered fox brooch pin or badge.
    • Cross body dog walking bag with adjustable strap.
    • Embroidered up-cycled lace, key and rose love heart decoration.
  16. 16
    • Crystal Palace travel poster print by Susie West
    • Dorking travel poster print by Susie West
    • Fulham Craven Cottage travel poster print by Susie West
    • Horsham Park travel poster print by Susie West
    • Nonsuch Park Surrey travel poster print by Susie West
  17. 17

    Claire Gent

    Claire Gent

    • Woodland pattern cuff bracelet grey
    • Geometric tree pattern cuff bracelet dark grey
    • Geometric seed head print cuff bracelet orange
    • Geometric seed head print cuff bracelet red
    • Geometric flower print cuff bracelet bronze
  18. 18

    Crafted Creatures

    Jayne Tunnicliffe

    • Faux hare head in botanical velvet by Crafted Creatures
    • Faux hare head in turquoise and teal tweed by Crafted Creatures
    • Faux hare head wall mount in William Morris fabric
    • Faux hare head wall mount in Abraham Moon Skye Claret
    • Faux hare head wall mount in saffron and pale blue wool tartan- Mr Hamish
  19. 19
    • Star Wars Personalised Lego Minifigures Frame (12 figs)
    • Star Wars Personalised Lego Minifigure Frame (10 figs)
    • The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally Skellington Personalised Lego Frame
    • Harry Potter Personalised Teacher Lego Minifigure Frame
    • Oasis Lego Minifigure Frame
  20. 20
    • Commemorative coronation bunny art A4 print
    • Birthday cake bunny rabbit card
    • Heart balloon bunny rabbit art greetings card
    • Happy Easter bunny rabbit card
    • Best bunny mum Mother’s Day card
  21. 21

    Plane Jane

    Karina Berry

    • Emirates Cabin Crew Spiral-bound notebook
    • Emirates Cabin Crew Hard backed Journal
    • EasyJet Cabin Crew Passport Stamp Print . Flight Attendant Poster
    • British Airways B747 Queen of the Skies Print
    • British Airways Cabin Crew Spiral Bound Notebook Flight Attendant Notebook
  22. 22


    Hilary Tate

    • Silver beach themed earrings with seagulls
    • Silver beach, sea mountain coast pendant, with brass sun and seagulls
    • Silver and amber sun rising over sea pendant
    • Fine silver beach themed wave earrings
    • Sterling silver seaweed pendant with seaglass
  23. 23


    Jo Randall

    • Set of four frosted sea glass buttons
    • Set of four frosted sea glass buttons
    • Set of six scrap bag buttons - grey blue suiting fabric
    • Set of six scrap bag buttons - blue, purple and green tweed fabric
    • Set of four scrap bag buttons - woolen fabric in shades of brown
  24. 24

    Eightfourteen Silver

    Harriet Ward

    • Monstera Necklace Hand Sawn from Recycled Sterling Silver
    • Large Urban Ocean Sterling Silver Statement Earrings
    • Sterling Silver Leaf Necklace
    • Urban Ocean Linked Sterling Silver Necklace
    • Medium Urban Ocean Sterling Silver Earrings
  25. 25
    • Dots and Dashes Navy and Pink Handbag
    • Posh Daisy Peg bag
    • Coronation Special Union Jack Cushion
    • Washing line peg bag - Especially made for you
    • Brown Biscuit Cushion with feather pad
  26. 26

    Oruki Design

    Denise Brett

    • Large Rainbow Spiral Wind Spinner - Copper Wire Woven Rainbow Garden Mobile
    • Wire Wrapped Copper Pendant with Handmade Grey and Yellow Glass Pebble - OOAK
    • Hammered Copper Wire Earrings with Blue AB Glass Dagger Beads
    • SALE - Hammered Copper Teardrop Swirl Earrings with Teal Faceted Glass Beads
    • Copper Wire Wrapped Blue Sodalite Pendant
  27. 27
    • Bud vase in English Ash - 141
    • Wooden Penguin - 138
    • Willow Shopping Basket - Round (660)
    • Willow Shopping Basket - Oval (599)
    • Rush Bowl - Small - 654
  28. 28

    foto art paper craft

    Angela Harpham

    • Small Mixed Media Painting with Collage - Imagined Night Scape with Moon
    • Fine Art Photo Cheesegrater Car Park Sheffield
    • Photograph Station Blues Art
    • Ladybower Reservoir A57 Viaduct Panoramic Photograph
    • Fine Art Photograph Triple Hendos Glow
  29. 29

    Written in Silver

    Heather Carruthers

    • Heart Trio of Sterling Silver Rings - Choose your own Cabochons
    • Sterling Silver Semi Circle Earrings with Serpentine
    • Square Turquoise and Sterling Silver Drops
    • sterling Silver and Iolite Facetted Stud Earrings
    • Sterling Silver and Garnet Drop Earrings
  30. 30


    Sue Phillips

    • Primitive Patriotic Spice Doll
    • Primitive Spice Doll
    • Primitive Spice Doll
    • Primitive Spice Doll
    • Primitive Patriotic Spice Doll
  31. 31

    Doodleicious Art

    Sarah Capper

    • Botanical ‘Love’ greeting card
    • Mother Duck and ducklings greeting card
    • Beautiful Crab Greeting card
    • British garden bird Bullfinch Greeting Card
    • Beautiful Poppy Greeting card
  32. 32

    Kate Brooks Prints

    Kate Brooks

    • Horse Chestnut Green, original hand-pulled screen print
    • 'Darkness into light' original screen print
    • Set of 4 blank greetings cards featuring trees
    • Bluebell Woods, original hand-pulled screen print
    • Verbena Border (Orange), original hand-pulled screen print
  33. 33


    Helen Sinden

    •  Little Garden Shed with Sunflower 'Happy Garden'
    •  Little Garden Shed with Flower 'Happy Garden'
    • Clay Flowers and Bee on a Vintage Bobbin
    • Clay Flowers and Bee on a Vintage Bobbin
    • Clay and Button Garden with Bee in Wood Block 'I Love my Garden'
  34. 34


    Philippa Wyllie

    • Sterling Silver 5mm Wide Hallmarked Textured Bangle
    • Hallmarked Double Sterling Silver Bangle with Heart Charm
    • Hallmarked 2.5mm Sterling Silver Bangle
    • Hallmarked Double Sterling Silver Bangle with Amethyst Charm
    • Hammered Sterling Silver Flat Bangle - 925 Hallmarked - FREE UK P&P
  35. 35
    • Magic Donkey No.8 three-colour A5 reduction linocut print
    • Midnight Fox A3 three-colour linocut screen-print
    • Happenings in Donkey World No.12 three-colour A3 screen-print
    • Magic Donkey No.5 three-colour A3 screen-print
    • Haworth A4 2-colour linocut screen-print
  36. 36
    • Handmade Ceramic Paisley Blue Soapdish
    • Handmade Pottery Soap Dish Blue Paisley
    • Handmade Pottery Grey Paisley Soap Dish
    • Handmade Pottery Botanical Soap Dish Green
    • Pottery Handmade Soap Dish on Ochre
  37. 37


    Les Barrow

    • Amish Swift
    • large fruit bowl in spalted beech
    • lovely bowl or platter
    • Small Spalted Cherry fruit bowl
    • niddy noddy
  38. 38

    Clare Wainwright Glass Art

    clare wainwright

    • Stained Glass Hare Heart Suncatcher
    • Stained Glass Bird Suncatcher Decoration
    • Stained Glass Propogation Station
    • Stained Glass Screen Printed Fungi Panel
    • Stained Glass Screen Printed Shell Panel
  39. 39
    • Sunshine Yellow Organic Cotton Shower Curtain, washable
    • Sombrero Skulls natural shower curtain
    • easyglide metal shower curtain hooks
    • BESPOKE DROP Taupe Organic Cotton Shower Curtain, washable non-waxed
    • Teal Organic Cotton Shower Curtain, washable non-waxed
  40. 40

    Deborah Jones Jewellery

    Deborah Jones Jewellery

    • Sterling silver and garnet Flower earrings
    • Sterling silver and lepidolite Flower earrings
    • Sterling silver and turquoise Flower earrings
    • Large silver and lapis lazuli leaf spear earrings
    • Teal Cupric chrysocolla and sterling silver earrings