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  1. 1

    Breuhaus Furniture

    Breuhaus Furniture

    • Vintage Industrial Rustic Scaffold Shelving Unit
    • Rustic Concrete and Reclaimed Timber Coffee Table Old Factory Style
    • Modern Polished Concrete Square Coffee Table
    • Concrete Coffee Table Vintage Industrial Retro Shabby Chic
    • Industrial Style Vintage Coffee Table Chunky Waxed Top with Steel Legs
  2. 2

    Demelza Designs

    All products are designed and hand crafted by Gail

    • Genuine Tourmaline and Rose Quartz Memory Wire Bracelet
    • African Jasper, Milticolour  Mooonstone Memory Wire Bracelet silver plated heart
    • Green Aventurine & Hand Made Beads, shell pearls
    • Gold Vermeil Lime Jasper, Tiger's Eye & Haematite Earrings
    • Gold Vermeil Lime Jasper, Tigers Eye & Haematite Necklace
  3. 3

    Bricking It Glasgow

    Denis Donoghue

    • Glasgow's famous Duke of Wellington statue in Lego.
    • Glasgow's Iconic Duke of Wellington statue in Lego (Black Box Frame)
    • Glasgow's Duke of Wellington statue in Lego (White box frame)
  4. 4

    Claire Gent

    Claire Gent

    • Retro pansy silver stud earrings
    • Edge of the woods statement brooch
    • Silver seedling mis-matched studs
    • Edge of the woods fox bangle
    • Edge of the woods badger and bird necklace
  5. 5

    Sylvaine Jewellery

    Sylvaine Frouin

    •  silver moth necklace, engraved, oxidised
    • Silver tree pendant with colourful resin and wood
    •  Mermaid ring, silver ring with black diamond eye, thumb ring
    • Silver mermaid necklace, illustrative design, Mermaid with a black diamond eye
    • Green leaves earrings in silver with green resin highlights
  6. 6

    Written in Silver

    Heather Carruthers

    • Textured Silver Ring with Amazonite
    • Textured Silver Ring with Turquoise
    • Sterling Silver Skinny Ring with Larimar
    • Sterling Silver Bangle with Peridot
    • Medium Organic Silver Stick Earrings
  7. 7

    Paper Bea Company

    Helen Wilde

    • Desk Posy - a trio of paper flowers
    • The desk posy collection
    • Desk Rose I
    • Desk Posy - a trio of paper flowers
    • Yellow Paper Rose, Paper Anemone & Billy Button bouquet
  8. 8

    Silver Dog Jewellery

    Neil Keyworth

    • Stacking bangles with natural gems - one supplied
    • Sterling Silver & Gold, Labradorite stacking ring - other gems available
    • 925 Sterling Silver 'Blue Bar Bean' pendant
    • 925 Sterling Silver Wave Ring
    • Sterling Silver 'Lifeguard' Bracelet
  9. 9

    Revill, Revill

    Karen Revill

    • NEW Dandelion Two Drum Lampshade
    • NEW Dandelion Two Drum Lampshade
    • NEW Dandelion Two Drum Lampshade
    • NEW Dandelion Two Drum Lampshade
    • NEW Dandelion Two Drum Lampshade
  10. 10


    Maureen Brazier

    • Cushions - Black Velvet Honeysuckle Cushion
    • Glasses Case - Blue Floral
    • Glasses Case - Purple Floral
    • Cushion - Tigger and Roo
    • Pencil Case - The Galaxy
  11. 11


    Tom Richardson

    • Rough Aquamarine and Diamond Engagement Ring
    • Silver and Gold Band
    • 18ct White and Yellow Gold Male Wedding Band
    • Red and white gold male wedding band
    • A Pair of Silver and Copper Wedding Bands
  12. 12

    Maisy Muffin Rag Dolls

    Martine Brumwell

    • French Pirate - Napoleon L'Ecrivisse
    • Ragbag Pirate- Lionfish Larry
    • Ragbag Pirate - Bowfin Basil
    • Ragbag Pirate - Carly Caleb
    • French Mouse - Lili
  13. 13

    Liz Hutchinson Jewellery

    Liz hutchinson

    • Organic feel hammered textured silver necklace with gold and black
    • Silver round Drop Earrings with flower texture .
    •  Minimal Handmade Silver Textured Square Stud Earrings
    • Unusual 'rough with the smooth' Textured Silver Necklace, UK Handmade
    • Minimal Round Textured Silver Stud Earrings with Gold Line, Handmade in UK
  14. 14


    Beth Pegler

    • Coral longhorn knot necklace
    • Mustard longhorn knot necklace
    • Red longhorn knot necklace
    • Teal longhorn knot necklace
    • Mustard knotted rope necklace no.1(large)
  15. 15

    Funky Soap Shop

    Antje Kriesche

    • 1bottle Argan Oil & Ylang Ylang Hair Conditioner 250ml, for normal or dry hair
    • 1bottle Rhassoul Clay Conditioner 250ml, for oily hair and dry ends
    • 1 piece Sea Kelp and Rhassoul Clay Shampoo Bar, 100% Natural Handmade aprox.120g
    • 1 piece Malva and Lemon Shampoo bar for grey hair 100% Natural Handmade 120g
    • 1 piece Lavender, Lemon & Rosemary Soap, 100% Natural Handmade, 120g
  16. 16

    Joanna Wakefield Jewellery

    Joanna Wakefield

    • Cotton reel hoop earrings
    • Silver initial necklace
    • Mini silver disc earrings
    • Silver 'Spirit' earring studs
    • Little button ring
  17. 17


    Sarah Capper

    • Floral Peacock a4 mounted print 12 x 15"
    • 3 x Hummingbird blank greetings cards
    • Very Berry Heart 12 x 15'' mounted, signed  print
    • Purple Hummingbird blank greetings card
    • Pink Hummingbird blank greetings card
  18. 18

    Charlotte Whitmore Jewellery

    Charlotte Whitmore

    • Decreasing Circles Silver Bracelet
    • Silver Bird Bangle
    • Double Silver Bangle with Charms
    • Seeds and Grasses Pendant
    • Silver Bird and Tree Earrings
  19. 19

    fiona t.

    Fiona Thomson

    • freehand embroidered zombie princess fabric bookmark
    • freemotion embroidered zombie robin bookmark
    • applique & embroidery bluetit fabric bookmark
    • freehand embroidered zombie lemur passport cover
    • freehand embroidered zombie penguin passport cover
  20. 20


    Plum and Pigeon

    • Liberty floral print dress with peter pan collar
    • Floral top with lace trim
    • Liberty print vintage style skirt
    • Liberty print vintage style dress
    • Navy floral dress with piped edged collar
  21. 21
    • Pure merino lambswool woven wrap baby carrier (size 6-8)
    • merino lambswool ring sling baby carrier
    • Pure merino lambswool woven wrap baby carrier (size 2-5)
  22. 22


    Juliet Ledson

    • Faux taxidermy Harris tweed country horse pony animal head wall mount
    • Handmade Unicorn Harris tweed Faux taxidermy wall mount animal head trophy
    • Faux taxidermy summer floral Liberty cord deer stag wall mounted animal head
    • Faux taxidermy handmade velvet diva peacock bird animal head wall mounted trophy
    • Faux taxidermy blue cream tweed check Highland Cow Coo animal head wall mount
  23. 23

    Becky Pearce Designs

    Becky Pearce

    • Personalised ring, sterling silver stamped ring
    • Sterling silver birthstone charm bangle - Ruby (July)
    • Sky blue topaz rose cut and sterling silver stud earrings
    • Blue chalcedony and sterling silver rose cut stud earrings
    • Smoky quartz stud earrings (sterling silver)
  24. 24

    what daisy did

    Ozric Vondervelden

    • Olive army Green Messenger Bag, Waterproof lining, waxed canvas, vegan, recycled
    • Leather saddle bag, cross body bag, handbag Handmade Fairtrade
    • Brown leather satchel, messenger bag, backpack, cross body bag, handbag, purse,
    • Brown leather saddle bag, cross body bag, purse, handbag womens, handmade
    • Brown leather backpack
  25. 25



    • Felicity Bleu Denim - pastel Liberty fabric spaghetti cord, jewellery making
    • Wilmslow Berry D - Liberty fabric spaghetti cord, jewellery making
    • Mitsi B - fuchsia pink Liberty fabric spaghetti cord, jewellery making
    • Capel B - lilac Liberty fabric spaghetti cord, jewellery making
    • Capel G - mustard yellow Liberty fabric spaghetti cord, jewellery making
  26. 26

    Jewellery by Jo

    Jo Sacher

    • Green and Silver Long Oversized Lampwork Glass Earrings - LAM015
    • Fine Silver Patterned Square Stud Earrings - STUD038
    • Aqua Green Swirl Long Oversized Lampwork Glass Earrings - LAM014
    • Black Onyx and Silver Gemstone Earrings - GEM034
    • Green Aventurine and Silver Gemstone Earrings - GEM033
  27. 27


    Pants and Paper

    • Gift Boxed Needle Case
    • Linen Ipad Pro Case
    • Gift Boxed Linen Bookmark
    • Brooch
    • Ipad Mini Case
  28. 28

    Gran's Attic

    Rosalind Adams

    • NEW Hearts & lace cross stitch Cushion.
    •  Hand Knitted Cable Cushion
    • Mini cable  Tea-Cosy
    • Dasiy & Sunflower Keyring
    •   Hand Knitted Hearts Cable Cushion
  29. 29

    Dottery Pottery

    Sarah Duke. Made in Hampshire UK

    • Ceramic Apple decoration Thank You teacher gift
    • ceramic Folk art style strawberry decoration
    • Pottery wedding decoration Love Birds  Wedding gift Bride and Groom Birdcage
    • Pottery Flower Ceramic hanging decoration. Illustrated Flower pottery decoration
    • Pottery Horse Ceramic hanging decoration. Illustrated Horse pottery decoration
  30. 30


    Louise Linda MacAlister

    • Sterling Silver Linear Diamond Bracelet
    • Sterling Silver Linear Diamond Ring
    • Sterling Silver Linear Diamond Studs
    • Sterling Silver Moonstone Gemstone Ring
    • Sterling Silver Diamond Linear Earrings
  31. 31


    Joy Salt

    • Unicorn Suncatcher Stained Glass Handmade Rainbow 001
    • Boat Suncatcher Stained Glass Sailboat Yacht 059
    • Teal Butterfly Suncatcher Stained Glass Handmade Turquoise 082
    • Framed Rainbow Suncatcher Stained Glass Handmade Square 003
    • Fused Glass Bowl Round 12cm Turquoise  Dichroic 025
  32. 32
    • Snow Flake Coconut Shell Necklace Crushed Pearl Inlay Hand Carved Pendant
    • Tibetan Endless Knot Coconut Shell & Malachite Hand Carved by Tibetan Artist
    • Celtic Knot Hair Barrette Hand Carved Coconut Shell Inlay Crushed Pearl
    • Agate Coconut Shell Hand Carved Necklace Pendant hangs on an 18" Silver Chain
    • Celtic Knot Hand Carved Necklace Coconut Shell Red Jasper StoneLabradorite
  33. 33

    Sycamoon Jewellery

    Nana Louise Nielsen

    • White Silver Earrings - Flower bud Studs with Mother of Pearl
    • Rune Ring in Sterling Silver - Custom Elder Futhark Runes
    • Pearl Dangle Hoops - Silver Sleeper Earrings with Snowy Flowers
    • Gold Filled Hoops -Classic Sleeper Earrings
    • Silver Snake Chain - 0.8 mm Thick - 40 cm long
  34. 34

    Colins Wood Shop

    Colin Stephens

    • Chunky handmade floating rustic corner shelf
    • Hand made chunky rustic bespoke fire surround made to order
    • Lean to desk handmade wooden ladder desk with desk tidy
    • Hand made chunky bespoke rustic solid wood mirror with candle shelf
    • Hand made chunky bespoke solid wooden mirror made to order
  35. 35


    Cl Fletcher

    • Nursery Cloud Shelf Hand Made Painted White New
    • Nursery Cloud Shelf Painted White With Three Shaker Pegs 50cms Wide New
    • Nursery Cloud Shelf Hand Made Painted Annie Sloan Grey And Pink 50cms Wide
    • Shabby Chic Heart Corner Shelf Hand made Painted White new
    • Nursery Cloud Shelf Hand Made Painted Annie Sloan Graphite New Solid Sturdy
  36. 36

    By Lisabellah


    • Beautiful Silver Plated Ornate Heart Earrings
    • Gorgeous Dandelion Earrings
    • 2 Pink and Blue Boy Girl Peas-in-a-Pod Family Handmade Pendant on 18" chain
    • Affirmation Positive Thinking Bagcharm
    • Enjoy the little things in life Keyring Bagcharm - Silver colour
  37. 37
    • Handmade Wooden Woodland Bird Ornament Gift
    • Pair of Handmade Wooden Bride & Groom Gift
    • New Handmade Wooden Cottage for Mum
    • Handmade Cottage On Bobbin with Wire Love
    • Personalised Handmade Wooden Dove with Heart Gift Wedding Anniversary Friend
  38. 38

    Silver Birch Studio

    Patricia Smith

    • Sterling Silver and Rose Quartz Necklace with  Crystal Quartz
    • Sterling Silver and Gemstone Drop Earrings with Amethyst and Fluorite,  E118
    • Twisted Sterling Silver Stacking Bangle, B69B
    • Wide Sterling Silver Man's Ring, Anticlastic, Hammer-textured,  size W,  R123B
    • Sterling Silver Infinity Link Bracelet with Rose Quartz Gemstones,  B72
  39. 39

    Corrina Glass

    David Adams

    • Hand Made Stained Glass Jewellery Box
    • Hand Made Oval Bevel Stained Glass Jewellery Box
  40. 40

    Ella and Boo

    Catherine Mc Grogan

    • Elephant and Giraffe Baby Mobile - Nursery Decor
    • Elephant baby mobile - Boys baby mobile - Stars baby mobile
    • Elephant baby mobile - Clouds, stars and elephant - pink, coral, silver and Gold
    • Animal Baby mobile - cloud mobile - jungle animals
    • Elephant baby mobile - Boys baby mobile - Stars baby mobile