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Jewellery Designer, Glass Artist/Lampworker & Silvermsith

I came to jewellery making by accident - a happy accident I might add and quickly fell in love with all aspects of it. After working with beautiful beads I decided to teach myself how to make them and now I have my own lampwork glass studio in my garden.

I am someone who has to work with the best tools and equipment so it was only natural that I chose to work with Venetian Murano glass.I love to use Murano glass beads in my work and using those and my own lampwork glass beads means I can offer a nice variety of jewellery in my shops.

I have Glass Master friends on the Island of Murano and am lucky enough to have watched them at work and been given invaluable insight into their work, this has come in very handy when making my own handmade glass lampwork beads.

Because I have built up such a great relationship with some of the Murano Glass Masters (or Maestro) they will make beads specifically for me than no one else has ever had or will ever have. I am also very lucky that I am sometimes given glass rods, pieces of filigrana, reticello, latticino and big chunks of Aventurina etc to use in my work.