Paul Griffiths

“Wooden jewellery boxes and things, Handmade in Norfolk”




I make jewellery boxes,chess sets and various other things from a shed full of reclaimed timber which I have collected over many years.

Here I am in my favourite place, my lovely old workshop next to my 200 year old cottage on the North West Norfolk coast, with extensive views out of the back window of the Norfolk countryside, and the garden out the front full of my wife's topiary. I think the location inspires me to be in there nearly every day working, even though I have officially been retired from full time work for a few years.
I trained to be a carpenter when I left school,starting at the technical college for 2 years full time and then after a bit of sitework I became interested in benchwork and furniture making, and have been making and repairing furniture since the late 1960's, I have been making jewellery boxes etc over the last 25 years,selling them in local craft fairs and outlets for a while and then started on Folksy a few years ago. I have been making chess sets with a scroll saw over the past 2 years ,since I have more time on my hands, although I haven't started to sell them yet as I don't like parting with them.
I belong to a ukelele group and I have made 2 ukes. I also sing with "Nelsons Shantymen" based in Nelson birthplace.
I have a ginger cat named Brambles who can often be seen on my bench looking out of that window.