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Pluma Press
Pluma Press

Carmen Alfonso

  • United Kingdom
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“Small and delightful, one of a kind things, made of fabric and paper”

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Pluma Press

Small and delightful, one of a kind things, made of fabric and paper

Pluma Press has been my dream for a few years, and now it has come true!

I live in a small house with big windows and woodland creatures visiting at the back: fox, deer, rabbits and mr and mrs magpie, among others. In the study I have created a working space which consists of two big tables and a couple of shelves full of wonderful, inspiring books and art materials of all sorts. You don't need a lot of physical space to give shape to something that lives in your heart or in your imagination.

I take inspiration from the beautiful countryside in Gloucestershire where I live and from the mountains of the Andes in Colombia, where I was born. I think of both places as home.

Vintage images of slower, simpler times, South American, African and Indian textiles, poetry in English and Spanish, fairytales from around the world, tanka and haiku, all influence what I make and write.

It is lovely and a privilege, to be able to create something hand made and unique, and to put it out into the world for others to enjoy.