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“Little works of art handmade from wood, textiles and lovely things”

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Julie Love Little Works of Art

Unique little works of art hand-crafted from wood, metal, textiles and other bits & bobs!

I officially took the plunge and set up my Julie Love Little Works of Art shop in October 2013 after making and creating for far too many years! We made our first birds over 10 years ago as gifts for family and friends... the design has changed quite a bit, I must dig out some old photos to show you.

At first I worked solo but quickly enlisted my very talented other half to assist in the juggling act that is running a small creative business and holding down 'day' jobs in education... the school holidays really help. So, we are now a wife and husband team who hand-craft our birds, cottages and other pieces from reclaimed and re-purposed wood, working from our workshop in the garden! Most of what you see in our shop has been made from pallet wood (oh the joys of removing those nails...), old flooring and doors.

We work hard to design and create our unique Little Works of Art that are inspired by birds, nature and life. We also undertake commission 'Houses' and work from your photographs - these are true labours of love and are one-off bespoke pieces.

I try to update my Folksy shop as often as possible and you can follow our making, creating and general day-to-day shenanigans on Instagram and Facebook.

Anyway, that's enough about me. Have a good mooch at all the lovely makers on here. J x

By the way… the name came about from lovely memories of being called ‘Auntie Julie-Love’ and it also feels
very Northern. Love.