East Neuk Beach Crafts

Louise Moncur

  • United Kingdom

“Handmade Scottish beach art & jewellery made from reclaimed antique sea pottery, sea glass and driftwood.”

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East Neuk Beach Crafts

Handmade Beach Art from Fife, Scotland. Made from Driftwood, Sea Glass & Antique Sea Pottery.

East Neuk Beach Crafts was started in the summer of 2016 and is located in the beautiful fishing town of Anstruther on the East Neuk of Fife, Scotland. After moving to the area, I was stunned by the beautiful and amazing treasures that I found while wandering the beaches. In particular, it’s a great spot for sea or beach pottery, small shards of broken pottery that have been tumbled in the sea (often for over 100 years!) They wash up on our beaches with beautiful worn edges but the vivid colours and patterns still intact. I began to build up a collection, along with sea-glass, driftwood, shells and old pieces of boats and fishing creels. After some time I realised I needed to become creative, rather than leaving little sandy piles of beach-finds around the house! I began to make gifts for friends but was encouraged to try my hand at selling my pieces, hence the beginning of East Neuk Beach Crafts.

My main focus is creating little coastal and seaside scenes from the beach pottery I find, often including seagulls, the little colourful East Neuk cottages, dolphins, seals and our best-sellers, the puffins! I love to see the shapes and colours of the pottery and reinvent them into birds, buildings and boats.

I’ve had many customers ask for commissions and I love the challenge of trying new things. I’ve also incorporated customers' own beach finds into a scene, helping to preserve them and give them a new lease of life