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“Handmade friendship bracelets. Knot by knot in London.”

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Harbour UK Bracelets

I do what I love, I feel blessed for that. I love handcrafted and I do it with passion and soul.

I love handcrafted products since I was a kid and I used to play making crafts like bracelets.
With the time I develop it and I took it more serious so I can say that I started making jewellery 16 years ago in my home town in Argentina.
After my starting I decided to move to Europe, I was living in different countries where I get a diversity of influences.
I made my own style combining asian and south american techniques as a result I created a unique line of jewellery.
I support small businesses buying my materials from family shops, all my bracelets are from recycled or recycable materials, animal free.
I work at home and the inspiration comes mainly when I'm in contact with nature or when I'm travelling. I practice yoga, love music, films and books. And of course I love eating like everyone I guess.