Caroline C Kimberley Art (aka The Freak Show)

Caroline Kimberley

  • United Kingdom

“Inject some new, creative and handmade art into your life.”

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About Caroline C Kimberley Art (aka The Freak Show)

Caroline C Kimberley Art (aka The Freak Show)

There's just not enough time to create everything I want. But I try!

Ey up, I'm Caroline, a resourceful, eclectic artist, based in the market town of Skipton, North Yorkshire in the UK, The Gateway to the Dales. I happily and efficiently work from home. I'm indifferent that I don't have a studio, as I always work really well regardless. I mostly work wherever and however I like in a very relaxed way, it suits my work and me. I've been self employed now, since 2010 as a natural progression of finishing college, where I completed to HND level. Doing what you love most can be really hard but it's very rewarding when you get fantastic feedback, and people paying you the biggest compliment, buying or commissioning your work. It's humbling and confidence building. Unfortunately I don't do exhibitions or fairs due to anxiety.

I have a cat named Dobby (yeah, after the elf in Harry Potter) who spends his time winding me up. He's an adorably cute, soft and fluffy little bugger with a very needy personality. I live to serve. While art is my life and my work, it's also my main hobby, too. I try to do different things but create all the same. Sewing and making things, knitting, drawing, decorating, writing ... I just love being creative. In my down time I love to watch Horror, retro and Sci-Fi films and edgy box-sets. My favourite shows are The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Psychoville, The League of Gentlemen, Lost, Life On Mars, Breaking Bad, Bates Motel, The Middle, Sherlock ... and much more (how can you choose?) I collect clowns dolls, clown figurines and other clown related things. I also like to read, mostly horror and adventure, my favourite book is The Beach by Alex Garland.