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  • Sheep pendant necklace with sterling silver chain - handmade in Wales

    Sheep pendant necklace with...

    Faithful Ewe

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  • Mini Weaving Kit  with hand dyed yarn

    Mini Weaving Kit with hand...

    Faithful Ewe

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  • Rustic Handmade 50cm 18 peg rug weaving peg loom hand made to order in Mid Wales

    Rustic Handmade 50cm 18 peg...

    Faithful Ewe

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  •  glass beaded Scissors charm - sheep charm

    glass beaded Scissors char...

    Faithful Ewe

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  • Handmade Dorset buttons made from waste & hand spun yarn hand made in Wales

    Handmade Dorset buttons mad...

    Faithful Ewe

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  • Rustic weaving loom kit - picture frame loom

    Rustic weaving loom kit - p...

    Faithful Ewe

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About Faithful Ewe

Faithful Ewe

Because Welsh Wool Matters

Hi welcome to my Shop…
My name is Hazel Steer, I live in a small hamlet in Powys Mid Wales at the southern edge of the Snowdonia National Park. We are surrounded by the Wales stunning countryside & mountains with in the Dyfi Valley. I’m in love with nature and this amazing creation that is lai d out before us to enjoy. I love waking up each morning to the sounds of birdsong and the sheep calling to each other in the fields around my home. I love taking my inspiration from the world around me. The colour pallet outside my window changes with the seasons and my work will reflect the seasons as they change.

MY MISSION is to use natural wool from local farmers who graze their sheep within a 10 mile radius of our home. Sadly for a long time now farmers have NOT been paid a fair price for their fleece as they are not really classed as a usable wool for anything other than carpet & they don't even cover their costs of keeping & shearing the sheep so its only classed as a by product…. I want to do my part to change that & pay them a fair price for this beautiful fibre.

All my products will be made in a sustain way, whether its the slate buttons which will be hand picked from the banks of the river Dyfi & local beach…Or the wool in my loom kits which will be from the local sheep that graze the hills around my home. My weaving looms with be made from recycled wood were possible or from sustainable timber by myself & my dad in his small workshop not far from my home. My natural dyed yarns will be dyed using local plants from down the lane or my garden & if i use acid dyes i will make sure that every drop dye is exhausted before throwing away the water. My handspun yarns will be spun using my Ashford wheel. I want to do my bit to help the environment & provide you with handcrafted items to enjoy.

I will regularly be posting photographs of handmade yarns & gifts …All these items will be available for sale my Etsy shop, through my website and through Ebay which will be updated once a month. So I’m sure you’ll find something you love…
Every blessing to you


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