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About Fleur Designs

Fleur Designs

I'm an animal lover who does crochet, card making & jewellery on the Northumberland coast.

I have been a knitter since the age of four and learned to crochet when I was seven and I have never stopped!
I have always been utterly devoted to animals, my own pets and the ones I have rescued over the years. I currently have three dogs and six cats and due to some disability that is now enough for me to manage.
Apart from the animals my main occupation is crochet. I mainly make blankets, most of which I name after the beautiful fishing villages on the Northumberland land coast, one of the most beautiful parts of the country.
I LOVE colour and I am inspired by nature, the scenery, the flowers and the animals. Looking at the sunrise and sunset gives me my best ideas for mixing and blending colours. Each day is a new inspiration and I need to get these ideas out of my head and on to paper as quickly as possible. I am usually working on several new ideas at any one time and always finish each one.
I have blankets of all sizes and colours, suitable for all ages and for any setting or occasion. Have a look and you will find one for your need.