Secret Moon

Heather Hanlon

“I make keyrings and brooches from sheets of felt. I also make fabric shoulder bags with a little bit of beaded jewellery on the side..”

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About Secret Moon

Secret Moon

Cute hand cut & stitched felt keyrings & brooches, small gifts to give with love.

As a child I remember making shoe boxes into dolls houses & the furniture for them, out of cardboard. (I did have a big dolls house my dad made from wood) I used plasticine to make little cakes & other food to put on the table.
Bead weaving and jewellery were the next crafts I tackled. I have also had ago at pottery, dressmaking, painting with watercolours & craft-bookbinding.
I also write, with my first novel almost finished.
I have been owned by a cat or three (not all at the same time). I do miss the fish breath in the mornings & purring hum of a fur-ball on my lap.