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My fingers are constantly itching to make things and my brain doesn't switch off from coming up with new ideas. Even while reading a book, having a bath, gardening, walking the dog, its chuntering away throwing out 'what ifs' 'maybe this' 'how about' 'shall I try'

Sometimes these things work and sometimes they don't. You will be pleased to know that the 'don'ts' aren't for sale as they are, they are put to one side for adapting into something else! The 'do's' are gradually being added to here, and my website and my Facebook page (search for doodlerocks)

I love playing with silver and molten glass. I am fascinated by chandelier prisms. I get a kick out of mooching round antique markets and spotting tiny keys or objects to breathe new love into, and on that note, upcycling broken, unloved jewellery into something new.

But when I'm not doing that I am really, first and foremost a mum to two my awesome teenage boys, who, on the whole, put up with my messy creative spirit, I am a companion to my delightful Sproodle - yep she rules the roost, and lastly but no means least, I am a friend, sister, daughter and lover of life!