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Katie Cormack Nizette

  • United Kingdom

“Creating memories from treasured clothing”

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Bespoke quilts, cushion covers and bears made
from your treasured clothing, with a selection of
photograph printed ornaments capturing a
special moment and embroidery hoop designs.

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Keepsakes By Katie

Creating memories with fabrics

I've always loved to sew. In my family we had knitters, but I was the sewing girl. Mum taught me how to cut out patterns, helped me make my own outfits and I have continued to work with fabric. I started on quilt making back in 2005 whilst living in New Zealand and from there I just started 'to create'.

I have a wonderful 'shed' in the garden that looks out on to the River Cree and between the constant running of the river, the birds coming to their feeders and our small 'wild flower' garden I spend hours in there with scissors, fabrics and reading through my (large) selection of magazines and Pintrest 'saves'. When not creating something for a craft fair that is coming up, I create for my family and friends who are fantastic at letting me be creative with their family favourite themes.

From quilts and bears made from baby clothing (a wonderful hand-me-down for years to come), a Wedding Dress quilts (daunting for most brides but so well worth having your wedding dress converted into a quilt as opposed to hanging in the back of the wardrobe - like mine did for nearly 30 years!) - on anniversary days, it has pride of place on our bed. Photograph cushion cover and covers made from much loved jumpers, shirts or a dress.

If it's fabric, then I can create almost anything into a keepsake that you can hold onto forever.