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Linda Austin

“Jewellery inspired by nature and the night sky - Based in Hastings, United Kingdom”

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About Jewellery and Jangles

Jewellery and Jangles

Jewellery Inspired by Nature and the Night Sky - Nature by Design

My jewellery is inspired by nature, the seasons, the night sky. From the blue of the sea to the dark night sky and twinkling stars, my jewellery draws in colours and evokes the feelings of the natural world.

Leaves, insects, trees, flowers, colours, animals, earth, sea, water, seasons.

I like to collect descriptive phrases and words about nature and the earth.

Making things seems to keep my anxiety at a low and keeps my hands busy. It helps to keep my sanity among my M.E, MS, Bi Polar and Fibromyalgia, among other illnesses. I used to make jewellery when I was younger and it seemed the right thing to make. If you want anything on my page or want something making, just give me a shout and we can talk