Forest Moor Fabric Designs

Lesley Jackson

“Small Pieces of Scotland”

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About Forest Moor Fabric Designs

Forest Moor Fabric Designs

I make fabric houses at every opportunity!

I’m Lesley Jackson and I’m based in Dumfries and Galloway in western Scotland. I live in what was once an old farm cottage in a large garden close to a forested area. There are often deer in our garden and cows or sheep behind our garden walls. I have four cats to keep me company in the house.

I am a published author and poet who, after decades of writing, suddenly found it hard to write anything at all. I had read that a good way out of writers’ block was to do something else creative so I began sewing - but then I couldn’t stop! I don’t use a sewing machine, everything is I make is hand stitched and I find such pleasure in sewing this way; nothing is rushed, it takes the time it takes.

I enjoy making mini-quilts, quilted and embroidered wall hangings and quirky fabric decorations using cotton prints and, occasionally, plaids and tartans. Most of all I love making fabric houses and some of the things you might find inside and outside them, such at cats or dogs on chairs, or sheds and garden implements. They represent what is dearest to us; our homes.