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Stacey Medhurst-Stevens

  • United Kingdom

“Homemade Jam, knitted and embroidered/sewn goods”

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About Stacey's Homemade

Stacey's Homemade

Knitting, sewing, jam

I make Jam, I like making flavours that I enjoy and I hope that you will enjoy them too. I also knit, I love it! I sew bags and other things, I also machine embroider some of the things I sew. These things I love to do.
I enjoy gardening and landscaping. I use some of my fruit from my garden in making th jam so for the making process most of the fruit has zero travelling miles. Most of the rest comes from about 3 miles away from a local farm! It's important to me that food has the lowest travelling miles possible. Where possible I buy from the UK.