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Everything listed here that says silver is sterling silver, I do not use silver plate at all. There will be elements of sterling silver in every design, some will be completely so, others may have combinations of copper, brass, bronze, glass, enamel, pewter and semi-precious stones as well.

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Jewellery By Silvana

Copper & sterling silver jewellery - often quirky, always original

My life has come full circle and I love the way it's turned out for the end of my "career". I started out with art college but having been led to believe I was really something at school, when I got into the big league, I realised I wasn't that special, put my sensible head back on and went back to my original idea - getting a degree and working as a Librarian in Local Government for many years. I loved running the housebound library service but when my back gave in after too many book-wielding, van-with-no-power-steering years, I went on to working for Age Concern, again with elderly and disabled people.
Then I made a wrong move and went back into libraries but in a Chemical corporation - I so hated it! So then I moved back into the charity sector to organise information in a disability helpline, where I gradually reduced hours. At that time, I also started a silversmithing course, the best decision in years, it was like a duck to water and I loved every minute of it. I still go on lots of courses to brush up or learn new techniques with different materials, so I have added enamelling, silver clay, anodising aluminium and pewter etching and casting to my repertoire along the way.
When the jewellery bookings became too much to handle with working part-time as well, I gave it all up and now concentrate solely on the jewellery, ably assisted by my now retired husband Mike (my donkey at the craft fairs as I still can't lift, as well as my studio technician, very handy to have an ex-engineer!) and my inspiration, my toy poodle Zuzu.