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“Digital Art Landscapes reproduced as Limited Edition Fine Art Prints ”

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Beautiful Digital Landscape Artworks printed to the highest quality on archival heavy weight papers.

So why the picture of the dogs (even if they are really cute puppies and who resist a cute puppy), I hear you say?

Well without these guys (Rufus and Fergus - with the wonky ears and sandy nose), and their predecessor Merlin, probably none of these pictures would have been created. Don't get me wrong, I love getting out with a camera and taking photos of the beautiful local landscape but realistically would I be out there at SIX am every morning, come rain or shine without these little rascals dragging me? I think everyone knows the answer to that, the allure of a warm bed can be way too strong, especially when you can hear the rain lashing against the window or see the frost covering the garden outside. Thanks to them though I am out there whatever the weather and sometimes the most interesting pictures present themselves when the weather is being, well, British!

So a combination of that and being lucky enough to live in the middle of such a stunning variety of landscapes, from the white cliffs to the South Coast to the South Downs National Park and Ashdown Forest, has provided me with a wealth of images.

Though I have great admiration for photographers, my background as an illustrator means I can't resist tinkering with my photos, to add an extra dimension to them or enhance the sensations that were evoked by being in the landscape when I take them. And sometimes its just a case of 'wouldn't that look cool..."

Even then they would probably never have seen the light of day and remained locked up on a hard drive had it not been for the encouragement of my wife, who persuaded me to take part in a local art exhibition. It was an amazing experience for me, who never usually gets to meet the people who buy my pictures (either kid's books, the Sunday Times Magazine, cereal at Sainsbury's etc. etc.). It was so nice to meet people and talk to them about my work and encouraging to hear their kind words about it.

Once I started to promote my work, on Instagram, things really started to take off and I had offers of more exhibitions, from galleries and sales enquiries. So I am creating this store because I have had so many requests but didn't really have the know how to turn my own website into an eStore - and Folksy seems like a really nice group of people with a great customer base of art lovers :D

What began as an experiment has, over the past few months, become almost all-consuming and the possibilities seem to be endless with new opportunities presenting themselves daily. Its been a massively pleasurable journey and I cannot express how grateful I am to everyone who has said a kind word, given me a little advice/encouragement or felt that they could give one of my pictures a place in their lives. I know what a big decision buying a piece of art can be and feel truly humbled that anyone would buy one of my pictures and hang it on their wall.

Thank you.