Cassia Beck

“Colourful photography by Cassia Beck”

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About Cassia Beck

Cassia Beck

Photographer of everything.

Hello! I am Cassia Beck, a collage artist and photographer from Brighton, UK.

Photography was a hobby for many years before I stepped into the world of Folksy. Some friends suggested I try to sell my work so I gave it shot when I had my first son and didn't want to return to a 9 to 5 job. My work was well received and I haven't looked back.

I love what I do and find it even more rewarding when others appreciate it too.

My work is romantic, simple and colourful. For some of my work I use two cameras at the same time, a technique called "Through the Viewfinder". This results in blurry, soft images with a little dust, a few scratches and some lens flare. I would say my photographs are charming and dreamy.

You can also find my collages for sale here:

Book covers:
The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp by Eva Rice
Room by Emma Donoghue
The London Train by Tessa Hadley
Clever Girl by Tessa Hadley
Collateral Damage - A Triptych

Thank you to the following magazines for using my work:
Oh Comely
Black + White Photography
Easy Living
Good Homes
The Stranger - A Seattle based Magazine

Thank you to Urban Outfiitters for selecting the following images as wall art:
Autumn Palms
Pineapple Top
Potted Plants
......and also for selecting Summer Time to sell as bedding.