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“Welcome to my Folksy shop for religious iconography merged with Mexican Folk Art.”

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About DivineExcesss


“Welcome to my shop page for religious iconography merged with Mexican Folk Art.”

As a visual artist I have always had a keen interest in religious iconography and folk art throughout all religions. I enjoy playing with the ritualistic styling’s of religious decoration.
Personally, I am a collector of religious statues and macabre objects, travels to Rome and Paris have allowed me to explore my creative ideas and expand my creative direction resulting in pieces that hopefully beautifully merge different cultures together in a celebration of love, death, religion and art.
I drew great creativity from my visits to the Catacombs in both Rome and Paris and the stories behind their construction afforded me the opportunity to further develop my craft. I have opened this shop partly to fulfil my desire to work with such materials and develop these pieces, but also to share with you a piece of what makes the world a beautiful place to live. The history and intentions of those preceding us are seeped in obvious beauty and also hidden grief. It is this grief in which I believe great and true beauty can be found.
I post a great deal of my creations on Instagram divine_excess_ please feel free to stop by and see if anything catches your eye. My personal collections that are not for sale also feature here and give greater insight in to my interests.
Should you have any questions at all do not hesitate to contact me on: nickjohnson87@live.co.uk