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“Girls dresses, aprons and bags in vintage style fabrics”

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Girls dresses, aprons and bags in vintage style fabrics

daisyfleur is a mother (Suzanne) & daughter (Jenny) team who love to sew.

We love to make vintage style dresses and other items for little girls, and specialise in liberty fabrics. We do occasional craft fairs where we love to show off our stock. Suzanne has pet rabbits, and Jenny has a pet cat.
Suzanne lives at Sudbury in Suffolk, and Jenny lives in Romford. The pair meet for sewing days where chatter, tea & cakes also feature!

Some of our favourite things: poppies, peonies, daisychains, rabbits, the seaside, sunshine, cats, cakes, roses, teadresses, reading, sunflowers, sweet peas, daisies, walks, tea, pinnies, chocolate, roses, seasides, baking cakes, gardening.....

We are also selling some fabrics all new, as our storage space is limited!

We would like to introduce our new arrival - Jenny recently had a gorgeous baby daughter who is called Arabella, to join 3 year old Rosanna, who already models some of our items!

Favourite materials
Liberty Lawn, babycord, Vintage Style Flowery Fabrics and Retro Prints, Ribbons, Lace and Buttons