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“Fun and functional, hand crafted with love and yarn”

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Hello, Welcome to my Studio, if you have any questions please just get in touch

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Yarnsmith Studio

I just love to add colour and fun to peoples lives through quirky crochet and knitting

Hello and welcome to my world,

My name is Tracy and I am YarnSmith Studio, based on the beautiful Isle of Wight, where we have lived since 2007.

At the age of 10 my Mother taught me to knit, then I taught myself to crochet - I have not stopped since...

For my day job I own a wool and embroidery shop which takes most of my time and energy, but I am never happy unless I have a hook or needle in my hands. I have even been know to knit in the dark at local concerts, as my partner belongs to the local Medina Community Choir.

At home I have a workshop in a spare room where my creations come to life, though there is never enough room and I always seem to end up working in about 6" of space. Maybe I just need to be more organised.

During my life I have always tried to look at what is around me and I have a quirky sense of fun, which translates into my work, from cactus pincushions and crochet goldfish which swim around in their own tank.

My life is shared with my partner whom I met in 2000, and currently we have 6 cats at home, when we get the time we also foster and raise funds for our local branch of Cats Protection.

I look forward to sharing my creations with you all.