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Stylish HARRIS TWEED gifts and accessories

Only after I visited the Islands of Harris & Lewis did I really discover the beauty of 'Harris Tweed'. The stunning scenery, the warmth of the people and the raw materials all contribute to this unique fabric. The only fabric in the world that is sold in commercial quantities and yet still woven by hand in the homes of the weavers.

My first purchases were in small quantities from a huge warehouse right by the Harbour in Tarbert, Isle of Harris. Following more visits I got to listen out when driving round the island for the familiar sound of a loom. Now I make purchases from individual weavers who have their own style and their tweeds are often one of a kind.

I love to make practical items - protective covers for your gadgets, pouches and bags, home accessories. Contact me if you require something that you don't see in my shop - I can usually help.