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My usual turnaround time is 3-5 business days and then I post items 2nd class, which takes 1-3 days.
As a rule, I don't let customers jump the queue. However, as many of my products are gifted for occasions, there may be a time when you need something faster.
In these instances, I charge a £5 "overtime charge" - this will enable me to work over my regular hours to turn your item around in 1 working day and then post it first class.

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  • Besties for Life Pebble Art Picture, 7x7" Deep Box Quote Frame Grey

    Besties for Life Pebble Art...


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Give the unique gift of love and personalised touch with a Donskiart Frame

My background is in Sales and Marketing but it is painting, writing and language that drives my passion. When I became a full time carer for my daughter in 2019, I started to paint more and more, using various mediums. One day, I made a large family of little pebble people, from small stones out of my garden; I painted each one and stuck then on canvas and everybody loved it! I started to get requests to make them...but I knew the quality wasn't good enough to sell, which is when I really honed in on my craft and introduced Deep Box Frames, which I eventually took to market!