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Work Of Arts
Work Of Arts

Tanz Bee

  • United Kingdom

“exquisite unique real dried Pressed flower Art and mixed media Boho style canvas art ”

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About Work Of Arts

Work Of Arts

exquisite luxury hand crafted limited editions wall Art made with gorgeous real pressed dried flowers & yarn

Hello there & welcome, thank you for coming to see my creations

I have been making art for 40 something years & am a full time Artist, having started out as a sketch artist then transgressed over to oil paintings 15 years ago & now the past couple of years crafting with beautiful delicate precious treasures from our beautiful Nature, her gorgeous flowers.

I absolutley adore Nature and have since i was a young child growing up in Somerset UK in a beautiful country town.
I`m deeply inspired by Nature and all her glory through season to season and her amazing glorious colours from Spring/Summer colours to Autumn golden coloured leaves and grand old ancient tress that grace our beautiful land.
I spent many hours as a child wandering through the fields in my element feeling completely free and in awe of the beauty that surrounded me so that`s why i absolutley love working with flowers and making beautiful exquisite flower designs.

Thank you for purchasing my yarn art pics and see you again soon :)

Big love from the deepest depths of Chew Valley UK