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“Timeless handmade silver jewellery.”

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About Deborah Jones Jewellery

Deborah Jones Jewellery

Timeless handmade jewellery, designed and made by Deborah Jones

Having always been drawn to ancient and tribal artefacts - as a teen it was a toss up between archaeology or art college.
A short course with the jeweller Michael Bolton decided me, and I signed up for a diploma in art and design specialising in jewellery making at the Sir John Cass.

I work primarily in silver. Using basic hand tools and traditional techniques, I combine simple forms with surface texture. Often adding gem stones and 18ct gold for colour.
Each piece is individually handmade, so although designs may be repeated, all are unique.

I have been selling my jewellery since 1988, through galleries, select craft fairs and also, in more recent years, online.

If you like the style of my work and would like to commission a bespoke piece, please get in touch to discuss.