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“original prints, framed prints, fridge magnets and other cool stuff”

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About Stuart Brown Photography

 Stuart Brown Photography

Hey, I'm Stuart and I sell colourful urban photography (mostly Glasgow plus a little NYC)

Working from my home studio in the east end of Glasgow I have slowly but surely built up a collection of cards, prints and more using my original photographs to showcase the urban landscape at home and beyond.

Inspired by the ever changing city on my door step as well as my other favourite city across the pond - the Big Apple - I enjoy presenting my own unique take on iconic architecture, favourite places, and hidden city gems

I have also produced a range of highly popular Scottish humour products using photographs of scrabble tiles which make fun gifts and show off the unique Glasgow sense of humour

The great thing about what I do is being able to discover new subjects to photograph on a daily basis. My most recent best seller is a classic mini parked outside the Glasgow Film Theatre which came about when I was contacted by it’s owner to see if I was interested in doing a photo shoot. An unexpected but wonderful collaboration!

So, hopefully my work has something for everyone and at the very least thanks for taking the time to read this. Enjoy browsing!