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“A place where everything swirls and curls. I love spirals, do you? All my jewellery has a spiral in there somewhere!”

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I'm a specialist in spiral jewellery in a choice of silver plated, sterling silver, fine silver, oxidised copper or gold plated wire. All the jewellery comes beautifully gift wrapped too!

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About Spirales d'argent

Spirales d'argent

My life goes around in spirals, I don't know where I start and where I end

In 2010, I set up what is now known as Spirales d'argent. It has been a slow evolving process, where I diversified from being a wedding florist, which gradually took off and took over! :)

I wanted to create jewellery that would go with what ever outfit you are wearing, be that jeans and t-shirt or even a wedding dress!

I wanted the wearer to feel special and confident in something pretty and unique. Sometimes, a gift to a treasured person or a pick me up treat for yourself can make you feel as wonderful as you are! ;)

Spirals are a big feature in our creations.
Spirals are one of the oldest abstract geometric motifs in the history of art. Spiral patterns appear on many forms of Celtic and Pagan art and craft work. The "S" shaped spiral (featured in our Celtic Spiral Necklace) is the worlds oldest type of spiral and is seen as emblamatic of the Yin/Yang concept, the sun/moon concept and many others. Spirals have been interpreted as representing the "three realms" - Land, Sea and Sky, a fertility symbol for the 9 month term of human pregnancy, symbolising eternal life.

The main pieces in our collection feature four different types of spirals, The Celtic, open, closed and Tiny spirals. We make these in a choice of silver (99.99% fine silver, 925 Sterling silver or silver plated wire).

My silver spiral necklaces have often been compared to a similar necklace Dr Alice Roberts once wore on the BBC.

Also in our collection you will find an oxidised copper range and lots of other shapes and flowers, which all feature a spiral somewhere! And never fear, new items are added regularly to satisfy your hunger! :)

Any questions? No problem! I aim to respond to all messages within 24 hours of receiving :) Send me an Folksy convo or pop me an email to spiralesdargent(at)gmail.com.

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We would like to say thank you to all of our fantastic customers for their support, to keep us creating!

Many thanks,
@ Spirales d'argent