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Gilly Pusey

“Natural Dyes on Natural Fibers. Items made with hand spun yarn created by me at home.”

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Dyeing to Spin

Handspinner and Natural Dyer.

I have been spinning and dyeing for over thirty years. It started as a hobby that would easily fit in around looking after young children. During that time I became a member of the Bucks Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers, a group I learnt such a lot from over the years.
When I first started my business it lacked focus and direction and was not very successful. I slowly gained enough confidence to make things that I really loved and enjoyed making. Putting that before commercial success was a game changer for me and I have never looked back. Selling to customers who think like me might not be the most lucrative way to run a business, but it is certainly the most fun and rewarding way of life.
My other passion is my dogs. Two rescue lurchers who are the love of my life. We walk for miles around the area where I live. South Buckinghamshire UK. As well as exploring new places further afield.
If you like things a little different and quirky then this is the shop for you.