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Ley Holloway

“Jewellery Made by the Sea”

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vintage beadery

Jewellery made by the sea. Sea glass, vintage beads, vintage lace and fused copper and silver.

My jewellery is inspired by where I live, particularly the sea glass pieces. All my glass is found on beaches local to me in north Devon. I have had a collection of beads for years, many of them came from members of my family and some go back to Victorian times, some have become vintage since I bought them when I was studying A level art far too long ago!
I recently started an experiment with melting silver wire onto copper. This has become something I really enjoy doing and, like the beaded work, I push the work as far as I can, constantly trying new ideas.
I live on my own, apart from a little black cat, in a tiny cottage in North Devon on to the Bristol Channel, since my jewellery is a hobby and doesn't make me a living, I work in a local library to pay the bills.