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About Rosemary Jones Artist-Printmaker

Rosemary Jones Artist-Printmaker

Original limited edition linocut prints of Worthing and the South Downs

I am an artist specialising in linocut printmaking.
The main focus of my prints is the landscape of the Downs in West Sussex and views around Worthing, where I live.

All my prints are original handmade linocuts, made with real ink, on real paper, on a real press by me.
Each print is unique because it is entirely made by hand.

Some linocuts are single plate one colour designs, and others are made by the reduction method where the plate is repeatedly inked, printed and then cut away again, to then be printed with a different colour. This process is very time consuming as there are frequently five or six different layers to be printed, but it does make for a colourful result!

I exhibit regularly and you can see more of my work at

I also like photography, painting in oils, watercolours, and etching.