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I am selling all coloured linen threads in small pieces. Some amounts are listed and quick to buy, but I am happy to list a custom amount for you. - Just get in touch!
I never send out a random replacement in the rare case that something you ordered is out of stock. I will always try to get in touch with you, to hear whether you wish to cancel or change your order.

** German Customers: Aufgrund des in 2019 in Kraft getretenen Verpackungsgesetzes kann ich Waren leider nicht mehr an Adressen in Deutschland versenden!**

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odd ends and bits by Büchertiger Supplies

  • Colour Chart, Sample Chart for Linen Thread

    Colour Chart, Sample Chart ...

    Büchertiger Supplies

    £10.00 18 in stock

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  • Mixed Parchment Pieces, 100g, white trimmings

    Mixed Parchment Pieces, 100...

    Büchertiger Supplies

    £20.60 10 in stock

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  • Pure Beeswax Bar, approximately 1oz, 30g

    Pure Beeswax Bar, approxima...

    Büchertiger Supplies

    £3.30 27 in stock

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