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“Coloured Linen Thread, Bookbinding Supplies, Instructions, and Kits”

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I am selling all linen threads in small pieces. Some amounts are listed and quick to buy, but I am happy to list a custom amount for you. - Just get in touch!
I never send out a random replacement in the rare case that something you ordered is out of stock. I will always try to get in touch with you, to hear whether you wish to cancel or change your order.

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Büchertiger Supplies

Bookbinder, Artist, Writer - Selling Coloured Linen Thread, Bookbinding Supplies, Instructions, and Kits

Hi I am Hilke,
the woman who runs Büchertiger Studio & Press and Büchertiger Supplies. I am a self-taught bookbinder, book artist, and a writer. I am also the mother of primary age twins who make sure I am always busy.

Since almost two decades I have been binding blank pages to make individually designed journals and notebooks. Since 2008 I have been working fully dedicated with books and have been making book art since then.

Binding books I noticed that in Europe it is extremely hard to buy colored linen thread. I had to buy it wholesale and started to sell the excess that I didn't need. This was the start of Büchertiger Supplies and by now an important part of our family income.

Luckily it turned out I love selling and stocking all those threads. Counting all sorts of thread I am stocking, I have some 130 shades of linen thread which is just a joy to sort through and deal with. Although I have no brick and mortar store, and am not generally open to the public, I am always happy to give customers who happen to be in Nottingham a tour (and the chance to look at a thread before you buy it) if you contact me before to arrange a date and time.