Sasha Garrett

“Artisan made sterling silver and copper jewellery featuring unusual stones, glass and fordite.”

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I happily take commissions and have a stash of stones /fordite for you to choose from. I ship using Royal Mail's 'first class signed for' or 'special delivery', it should arrive the day after shipping. If you wish to return an item please inform me within 14 days of receiving it, you pay the postage for sending it back but I refund the initial postage.

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About Sasha Garrett

Sasha Garrett

Handmade sterling silver jewellery with weird and wonderful stones because those are the ones I like.

I am an ex chemist and it turns out that all the years I spent growing crystals what I actually wanted to be doing was setting them so that I (and others) could appreciate their beauty (NB I don't actually use any of the stuff I made in the lab for my work) so I now hand make sterling silver jewellery featuring interesting stones. Anyone who has been to one of my open studios and caught me at the wrong moment will have heard me prattle on about copper minerals or the crystal polymorphs of silica, I do try and stop before their eyes glaze over, the chemist in me loves these sorts of facts and forgets that perhaps not everyone else does. I like to pop into the mineral galleries at the Natural History Museum in London and drool over the samples. I have folders of unset rocks and am always on the look out for more different ones so if you want me to find you something specific then let me know.

One of my favourite materials isn't a mineral at all - its a totally man made and called fordite. Fordite is layers of car paint that built up in the old spray booths of Ford factories and is no longer made since the introduction of air extraction and electrospray techniques. Each plant has its own distinct colour palette which varies depending on the era, its own version of polymorphism you could say and there I go again (your eyes are glazing over I can tell)... Due to difficulties in getting hold of this stuff I have had to learn a bit of lapidary as it is easier to get the rough and cut/ polish it myself (this does mean if you have a special request I might be able to do it as I can cut it to size/ shape, I have no control over the patterns though).

I learnt my skills doing evening classes at one of the tech colleges in Cambridge but now operate from my little workshop at a bench made for me by my father in law from two desks rescued from a skip. Designs get contemplated whilst I'm down the allotment (I find digging is a good way to clear the mind) just me, the robin and rather a lot of tomatoes. I tend to let the stone take centre stage with a simple setting rather than something fancy and since the stones are unique each piece tends to be a one off. I love to travel and use it as an excuse to buy interesting local rocks that are harder to come by in the UK, I think the other half has figured out that I do some research into what the local stones are before I suggest places as holiday destinations but he hasn't said no yet..... It has also been known for me to return home with several kilos of rough in the suitcase to take to my tame lapidarist Alex to cut/ polish for me. He has a tendancy to cut unusual shapes but since I make all the settings myself from scratch I just go with it as he does cut lovely cabochons.

Thanks for reading - Sasha Garrett