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  • Collection set of 13 Dr Who greeting cards

    Collection set of 13 Dr Who...

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    Collection set of 13 Dr Who...

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Kavatar Arts

Kavatar Arts is the shop front for the work of artist and illustrator Kenson Low.

Born and bred in London, studied Illustration at Leicester, then returned to London to work as, amongst other things a switchboard operator, a driver, a warehouse worker, an illustrator, a concept artist and a prop designer/builder.
However I now live and work in the southwest of England, my time split between my own artwork practice of painting, drawing, making and filming, and working for the NHS running creative art sessions in a mental health hospital in Devon.

When painting I generally work in oils and my paintings, reflecting my illustration background, are often images or landscapes that for me could be the scene of a story or adventure. Accordingly I try to convey an atmosphere or mood in the images I produce.

I love the beautiful natural landscape here in the south west of England and also the regional history. Dartmoor and the coastal areas are inspiring. However I have also always had a particular interest in industrial and urban scenery and architecture, perhaps a reflection of my love of science fiction.
I guess inspired always by both the past and the future my work often flits back and forth in themes and imagery, never staying too long on one thing.
It makes life interesting.


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