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Maria Hamblet

“Unique creations inspired by my love of nature and stories”

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~WELCOME~ Artwork and Crafts made on the Isle of Wight.
Inspired by my love of nature and storytelling.
Thanks for looking x

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About Artily Ever Crafter

Artily Ever Crafter

And they all lived Artily Ever Crafter...’ My love of stories and nature shared through my art and craft.

Hello there,
I'm Maria and this is my shop.

Artily Ever Crafter came into being through my love of stories, and a desire to interpret those stories through my artwork.
Also I might add, that the connection between what I do and the classic fairy tale ending, just seemed to fit!

Growing up in a creative atmosphere, where my dad made Rocking Horses and my mum was always knitting and crafting, I constantly found myself drawn to the arts in whatever form. Theatre and performance art certainly inspired my creativity in later life, although as an artist, I am primarily self taught.

I love to paint and craft, especially when I feel my ideas come to life in front of me, but I also value the soothing element that comes with it, taking me away from everyday life and immersing me in a world of colour, texture and stories.
This is why I create and why I would love to share some of this with you!

Everyone deserves to have something beautiful and unique, to move and inspire them, or to simply remind them of something they cherish, and with that in mind I offer unique and original artworks, which are made available to everyone, no matter their budget.

I try to add to my shop regularly, so keep checking back. You can also find me on Pinterest or Instagram