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Francis Hayes Plus

“glass enamel jewellery and ornaments”

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Welcome to my shop. Everything I make is a one-off. If something has caught your attention but isn't quite what you had in mind then get in touch to see if I have anything similar not yet out on the shelves or to see if I can make one to your order.

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About ThatENAMELGuy


I make 'one of a kind' jewellry and ornaments by manipulating glass enamel over a copper base.

I have been working in enamels for thirty years, learning as I go. I particularly like to use the scrolling technique. This is where I draw through the final layer while the piece is in the kiln, red hot, to stir the colours about and make random patterns. The enamel has the texture of sticky toffee and will start to set as the temperature of the kiln falls while the kiln door is open; consequently my window of opportunity is very narrow but I have no way to predict how narrow. Two further complications, different enamels have subtly different melting points and at red hot all the colours on the piece look the same so even when I can see the work I can't distingush the colours. Essentially I see myself as having an idea of the finished piece but being allowed to achieve only what the kiln and the materials allow me to get away with. Each result is unique. The nearer I get to my idea the happier I am but if I am disappointed I console myself with the knowledge that there is a masterpiece lurking in the kiln if I can only capture it.