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Judith Logan

Hi, I`m Judith Logan and I love to paint, draw, print, and even stitch, and sometimes all together! Art makes me tick and I love it when my work makes a connection with others.

I have always created, made things. As a small child, I remember that my poor mum got so fed up having to scrub my doodles off the living room walls, that in the end she gave up and set aside a corner just for me!! (I love my kids but I also like clean walls!!)
Art was in the family. My dad used to paint as a hobby and has now taken it up again, as well as having amassed his own collection of Irish art over the years, and my brother is an architect. Even when my mum was making the dinner, I`d take the vegetable peelings and drip candlewax over them and all sorts of strange things (and nearly set the house on fire once, in the process!) At school, I continued my love of art, and had an A - Level teacher there who worked in textiles who really inspired and encouraged us to experiment and push the boundaries. But in the end, even after completing a Foundation Studies in Art & Design at Belfast Art College with a Commendation in 1995, I forfeited a degree in Fine Art for one in French and Spanish. (Languages are my other passion.) Chance is not something I believe in though. After going to Chile in 1999 to work, I met my husband and lived there for nearly a decade. It made me the person I am today and probably a lot of the pattern that is in my work comes from influences I absorbed during my time there, even though I perhaps didn`t realise it at the time.
My eldest child was born prematurely, and when he was just under a year old, I decided to go back to art and see what would happen. Life had taught me that I would rather cross that line than stare at it forever wondering what if?

Now, back in my birthplace of Northern Ireland, I try to combine my creative output with the demands of bringing up a young family, and have artwork in several galleries here as well as in Dublin. I am blessed to have been able to convert an old dilapidated barn in my yard into a working studio with my own wee gallery space underneath. I have christened it The Black Sheep.

To date, I have had work accepted in shows in the Royal Ulster Academy, The Royal Watercolour Society and am now a Signature member of the UKCPS (United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society) having exhibited in their annual international shows four years in a row. in 2016, I also became an associate member of the USWA (Ulster Society of Women Artists ) and my oil painting, "High Tea," won the Lily Davies New Member award at the annual group show in November in The Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast.

Sometimes, I wish my hands could keep up with my head, but it doesn`t always happen! Often I`ll rework a similar theme in different media, trying to exploit the qualities specific to each one. More than once I`ve ended up binning something that took me hours to do, but usually with a sense of relief. Mistakes are inevitable and all part of the learning process, and something I try to embrace in my practice. If something doesn`t work out, I might keep a part of it or cut it up for use as collage or a stencil to use at a later date. Ironically, some of the new pieces that resulted from those failures, are actually some of my favourite works to date.

Thanks for visiting and I hope my work brings you a little bit of colour.

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