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“Crocheted creations lovingly made in the UK”

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Crochet By Nina

"Crocheted creations lovingly made in the UK"

I first started to crochet in my late teens, through a friend of my mothers.

I began using very fine cotton making traditional doilies, looking back I don't think it was the easiest way to learn.

I then picked up crochet again while expecting my first baby, making baby clothes and blankets and I have crocheted ever since.

I then started to sell my items and have started to make a business out of my hobby.

I love trying to come up with something new to make and finding new wool to use. You can crochet with almost anything I have tried string, wire, t-shirt yarn , ribbon . I have found that the range of wool on offer is much greater than when I first started.

The one thing I would really like is a work room of mine own, at the moment I work where ever I can find the space. All my wool is boxed so its kept clean and free from dust. The one advantage is that in the summer I can work in the garden.

The hardest part for me is taking the photos, which i sometimes find a challenge. its not easy to get the light right so the colour of the photograph matches the item . It can sometimes appear too light or change the colour altogether.