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Alison Sye

“ Environmentally friendly original art for the ethical consumer. Plastic free shop using sustainable materials. Each piece is a one-off.”

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Recently shortlisted for the Evening Standard Art Prize.

This shop is currently empty. Please check back when we've restocked.

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About Alison Sye Original Art Shop

Alison Sye Original Art Shop

Hi, I'm Alison, an eco-friendly collage artist, stitching found materials and vintage fabrics.

Welcome to my little online art gallery. Here you will find original art for sale. There are no prints in my shop.

If you like to buy art directly from the artist's studio, then you have come to the right place. Except my studio is a kitchen. I also like stitching on public transport, where I spend a lot of time. My work is pretty slow to make, so I grab 'studio time' whenever I can. Sometimes not having a car in an advantage.

When you buy directly from the artist, you are buying unique gifts that nobody else will have. In my case, each is a one-off piece of art, hand-stitched from discarded books (only if they have completely conked out), magazines, newspapers etc... I don't print, but actually stitch the vintage artefact, some of which are very old. Most people who look at my shop assume I am selling prints, but there are no prints here, just original art. I don't know what to do about this problem, since it is impossible to tell the difference when looking at an online photograph.

Living in an eco-friendly house and trying to live a plastic free life is difficult, if not impossible. I doubt any one of us can manage to be an ethical consumer completely. Hopefully this will change in time. We cannot save the planet individually, but maybe we can make a difference. For my part, I am an ethical maker. It is very important to me not to add new stuff to the world, but to use what is already here. Hence not printing my work. I always use sustainable packaging (see image) with recycled materials. I am told that my handmade envelopes always raise a smile with the Postie. I don't always use pizza boxes, you can see more examples on social media. A plastic-free, eco-friendly gift wrapping service is also available at no extra cost.

Also, rest assured, there are no human rights violations happening in my kitchen-cum-studio. I have no staff, by the way. It's just me here, stitching away in my little corner of South London.

Follow me on Instagram for work in progress, plastic-free living tips, provenance of materials, London photographs, contemporary art exhibition reviews and some laughs.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get give me a shout, my social media links are below.

Thank you for dropping by,

PS. I was shortlisted for the Evening Standard Art Prize 2018 . Get me! Oh, and also, I didn't eat all those pizzas! Kind friends keep me well supplied with stuff.