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“Original linocuts, as cards or prints, hand-made by Mary Parker. ”

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Dailawyr Prints

Making original linocuts on the kitchen worktop!

I grew up in Cardiff, but moved to Stoke-on-Trent in 1990 to study Fine Art, eventually graduating with a degree in Fine Art Printmaking. My painter husband and I got married soon after, and when our daughters arrived, I had very little time to produce artwork!

However, as they have grown up, a little more time has become available in recent years, and I have begun to relearn the processes. I decided to start with linocut as I still had some equipment dating back to my schooldays, and thought that it would be the easiest method of printmaking to try out at home. So the prints here are all linocuts so far, hand carved and hand printed by me on the kitchen table using mainly washable oil-based inks.

I tend to work in single colours, but I do occasionally foray into multicolour reduction prints. These take longer to make, and also a lot more thought and preparation, so I regard them as a bit of a daunting luxury, but I love it when they work well.

My shop name, Dailawyr, means leaves / air, or 'air leaves' in Welsh - trees and clouds are an endless source of fascination to me, as is the natural world in general. I also have a bit of a thing for old buildings and stone walls, and boats too having grown up in a maritime city. I hope you'll enjoy following my journey as I get my printmaking act back together!

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