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Deborah Vass

“Painter and Printmaker”

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Deborah Vass

I am a painter and printmaker who celebrates nature, birds and plants in my work

I am a painter and printmaker and live in the small market town of Diss, on the border of Norfolk and Suffolk.

Much of my work stems from the birds, plants and creatures that inhabit my garden and the local fens, a place where I wander, observe and sketch. I spend hours drawing from life, recording the changes in the seasons and noting down what I have seen and when.

I have loved birds for as long as I can remember. Although I grew up in inner city Wolverhampton, I would watch the birds with fascination in our small garden, assisted by my grandad, who taught me to observe their behaviour and taught me their names. He was a true countryman, growing up in rural Essex, and it was from him that I gained my love of wildlife.

My work is inspired by the work of Thomas Bewick, Charles Tunnicliffe and Clare Leighton, all of whom recorded rural life and lovingly depicted all aspects of nature. I am also a keen collector of old natural history books, both of Victorian naturalists and of the illustrations that feature in King Penguins and Puffin Picture books, especially the work of Paxton Chadwick.

All my prints are created using the finest, soft Somerset 300gsm acid-fee printing paper and are printed with water based relief ink. I use a converted mangle to print my work, which serves as a rather idiosyncratic printing press. Each print is printed by hand and is unique. Each print is carefully wrapped in cellophane, and then in white tissue, secured with ribbon, to ensure they are well protected.

I hope you enjoy my prints and please do contact me if you have any questions, or perhaps if you would like to commission a favourite bird.