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Gabriella Szekely

  • United Kingdom

“Hand made jewelry and artisan items, lovingly made, locally sourced.”

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About Artistic ambivalence - Gabriella Szekely Jewelry

Artistic ambivalence - Gabriella Szekely Jewelry

Your reality is only as limited as you create it; creativity brings freedom of expression.


My name is Gabriella or Gabi for short and I use wire and other elements to create hand made jewelry.

My first pieces were using crystals and silver plated metal string and silver findings - one of the necklaces I made caught the eye of a jeweler and was asked if the can copy the design in ruby. This offer from a jeweler inspired me to continue creating my own jewelry.

My most recent pieces are wire wrapped items; I find this allows me to intermingle multiple materials into one piece of jewelry; and at the same time create a unique piece of art. My palette is the beads and natural materials my brush is the wire; my canvas is the clothing of the person wearing my jewelry.

The items on Folksy are intricate designs which take several hours to make. Each weave; each fold is hand made - the final piece is a wire sculpture; unique in every way. Though you may feel that two items are the same - in wire wrapping each item will have slight deviations; it could be the size of the stone; it could be the size of the wire; or indeed could be the steadiness of the hand.

To see how one of my pieces is created visit my blog:
where I talk about the making of a 3 bead pendant.

Individuality is what makes us stand out; what makes us different; what makes us truly remarkable.