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“Bags, cushions, purses and accessories made from lovely old embroideries and unusual vintage fabrics. Handmade by myself in York.”

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Petra Bradley Prints

Lovely old fabrics and vintage textiles, re-made into beautiful and practical things. Artist, seamstress, hoarder.

I'm Petra, I unearth old and vintage textiles, and remake them into practical and beautiful pieces once again. I run Petra Bradley Prints in York.

I was still at primary school when I became addicted to jumble sales, and I would go along to our Village Hall ones on my own.
My first bargain was a fantastic braided military jacket which I brought in the 1960's. I gave it to my uncle who was a huge Beatles fan, and a bit of a dandy. This early love of old clothing, and a good rummage, led to a career in Theatre costume.

I love the feel, the design, even the musty smell of a new find of vintage fabrics. Seeing them respond to some laundering and repairs TLC is my favourite thing. As a wardrobe supervisor I collected so many whilst on tour, that eventually I had to use them! This original collection of old textiles became the basis for my business.

I am interested in the social history of the things I find. I particularly love the old handsewn embroideries of cottage gardens and crinoline ladies. They have such a period charm, and a romantic nostalgia for an unattainable domestic life. I want to recycle them into beautiful, useful accessories, and give them a purpose once again.

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