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Start to explore the world of electronics with construction kits from Irby Electronics.

Many commercially-available electronic kits are constructed on printed circuit boards. Soldering is essential for these kits and, in addition, it can be difficult to follow a circuit path on a p.c.b. and compare it to the circuit diagram. This level of complexity can be off-putting for a beginner.

Construction kits from Irby Electronics, however, offer an ideal introduction to the world of electronics. Each kit contains components, instructions and safety guidance (batteries are not supplied with kits). The circuits have been made many times and are, to the best of my knowledge, safe. More details of the construction methods can be seen on my website at

Soldering is not essential for Kits 1-6, 14 and 15. These kits are constructed on foam board and connections between components can be made by just twisting wires together.

The components in Kits 7-13 must be soldered carefully to track board. The layout of components on the track board makes it easy for beginners to follow a circuit path and compare it to the circuit diagram.

Please note that the components in Kits 10-13 are close together on the track board. Precision soldering is required to avoid solder from one copper track splashing over onto the next copper track. This group of kits is more suitable for advanced beginners.

All of the kits from Irby Electronics originated from my years of experience of running an electronics club in a secondary school. I enjoyed developing projects for this club and concentrated on the practical skills of construction rather than on the theoretical aspects of each circuit. Theory can be studied later!

The completion of a project is intended to be both challenging and enjoyable. An understanding of how each component in a circuit behaves is not essential at this level but if a component is connected the wrong way around or soldered into the wrong position on track board then the circuit is unlikely to work. Please read through the instruction sheets supplied with each kit very carefully.

I am sorry but kits cannot be returned for a refund once they have been started.


All practical activities involve a certain amount of risk but risk can be minimised and a safety guidance sheet is included with each kit. Please be aware that there are small parts in each kit, some with points, which are NOT suitable for children under 8 years. Children aged 8 years or above should be supervised by an adult.