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LIsa Bennett

“Aprons for Makers • designed and handmade in hilly-leafy South East London.”

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In The Making - Aprons

In The Making - aprons. Distinctive handmade work aprons for artists, craft practioners and artisan businesses.

Each apron is designed with meticulous attention to detail and finish, turnings are measured, pressed, stitched, thick turnings hammered, and all the thread ends hand sewn in. My range of aprons are designed and made in my home studio, in hilly-leafy, South East London.

Aprons, historically humble garments, embody the maker's work ethic and mindset. Using traditional fabrics and working in partnership with makers, I create distinctive handmade work aprons for makers, artists, craft practitioners and artisan businesses - my aprons are being worn by printers, glassmakers, painters, woodworkers, jewellery makers, art restorers, weavers, antiquarian bookshop staff, ice cream parlour staff…..

Inspiration comes from vintage workwear and observing the skill and craft of makers, to develop best overall shapes and functional details. A life exploring art, materials/media and making, has meant aprons are very much part of my daily wardrobe too.

(January 2018 - shop name changed from ' A Dog Like Sparky' to 'In The Making - Aprons'