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LIsa Bennett

“Designed and developed in partnership with makers - distinctive, well made and comfortable. **last post for Christmas orders 1pm 20 December”

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In The Making - Aprons

'In The Making - Aprons' - distinctive handmade work aprons for artists, craft practioners and artisan businesses.

'In The Making - Aprons' are worn by printmakers, painters, glassmakers, woodworkers, jewellery makers, weavers, art restorers, antiquarian book sellers, cafe staff... and ... quite often worn for baking, house work and gardening too!

Aprons, though historically humble garments, very much embody the makers work ethic - put on an apron and you feel ready to start work and 'in the zone'. For 'creatives', wearing specialist work clothing gives a psychological separation between everyday life (eg. day job, family) and creative freedom and exploration.

Designed in partnership with makers, 'In The Making' aprons are made with the same care and attention to detail, that you put into your own craft, creative practice or business - each one distinctive, well made and comfortable.

Every apron is designed and handmade by me, in my home studio in hilly-leafy South-East London. 'In The Making - Aprons' range has been evolving gradually over the last 5 years, working on bespoke orders for artists and artisan businesses, learning about their skills and practice is the most fascinating part of my work.