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Helen Burgess Jewellery
Helen Burgess Jewellery

“Beautiful handmade precious metals, gemstone, personalised, gold fill and oxidized silver jewellery”

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About Helen Burgess Jewellery

Helen Burgess Jewellery

I make handmade jewellery in a small rustic shed on an island along the Essex coast. Inspired by my love of nature, minimalism and words

I have always had a love of jewellery and sparkly things ever since I was a child. Whenever I stayed at my mum's parents I would almost immediately go through my Nanna's boxes of jewellery from the 50's, 60's and 70s. Throughout my childhood and young adulthood I had been making beaded jewellery as a hobby.

Along the same time I had a keen interest in all aspects of art and design, which led me to take up art and design at college and then a three dimensional multi disciplinary design degree course at Buckinghamshire Chilterns university college.

After leaving university I decided to take up silver smithing, and my Dad had offered me the back garden shed as a studio. After a year or so of teaching myself the basics of working with silver I started to sell my jewellery to local shops and galleries. A year later I started to sell on Folksy.

My style of jewellery is largely influenced by nature, art, colour and words. I have a deep fondness for birds and plants. My parents used to run a PYO and plant nursery, so I had been surrounded by different forms of nature. My shed studio is home to many spiders, blue tits at one side of the shed walls, and above the door one of my robins who I occasionally find looking for insects inside the shed.

My minimalist work has been inspired by my love of early 20th century modern art and design, I am a huge fan of Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicolson, along with movements as Bauhaus and minimalism.

Other works have been highly inspired by colour combinations and words. Much of my most popular pieces have hand stamped messages on them, which can be personalised to your own words and dates that have a great significance to you or someone you care about. My own jewellery that I wear all the time has been hand-stamped with song lyrics, album and song titles as they have a profound meaning to me, and help me when times are tough.

Thank you for reading my story